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Honest Critique

(Kitschin Bunny) #1

Hello everyone,
I would love for anyone to visit my shop and give me really honest feedback on the things I am selling and the way that I am selling them.
NO OFFENSE WILL BE TAKEN. I really do ask in the spirit of learning.
Come by and tell me what you like, dislike or think I could do better - nothing is off topic…be it photo quality, pricing…please - come say what you think.
I can take it…honest.

If you would like similar - then just post and I will pop in.

(Margaret Jackson) #2

Do you have a link to your shop for us to look at?

(Rebecca Evans) #3

I am new to Folksy and have just asked people to look at my shop a few days ago. I got some lovely and really helpful responses. I would like to look at your shop so if you can put a link on here then I will do that. Don’t know how much help I can be as I am new to all this but I’ll give it a try as I know how much help it was for me

(Illustration + Ceramics) #4

I would find it helpful if you grouped your products into shop collections :u5408:

(Joy Salt) #5

@kitschin Kitschin, (sorry don’t know your name) I agree with @mecki. As you sell several distinct types of things then it would be far easier to see what you have in your shop if you organise them.

One other point - I noticed very quickly that you have a lot of Christmas stock. Now it may be that you are planning for 2014 but it could also indicate that you didn’t sell it in 2013 - I would tend to take them off sale for a few months unless you really are expecting them to sell at the moment. Alternatively of course you could just ‘park’ them in a separate Christmas collection.
Joy xx

(Kitschin Bunny) #6 Sorry guys, here is the link, will now read all posts…thank you.

(Margaret Jackson) #7

Lovely shop, but agree about the need for collections as you sell so many different things.

Your photos are good and your descriptions excellent. Good luck!

(Inner Bee) #8

Hi Sharon,

I’m very new to this, in fact this is my first post ever! I have had a look at your shop and I really love your items, particularly the cards. I have to admit to scrolling past the Christmas stuff, therefore the suggestion of a separate collection would work well.

Could I request that you do the same for my shop, or anyone who fancies giving me a little bit of feedback? I’m at

Many thanks, and all the very best to you with your shop.

Sam x

(Louisa Oakes) #9

@kitschin I agree about the Christmas items- you have a lot of them at the top of your shop so I just wanted to scroll through them all, by which time I didn’t stop at your other items. Hope your shop does well :smile:

@InnerBee your shop is looking great, maybe you could make your own banner to personalise it a bit more. You could also add more materials, even if it’s ‘cord’, ‘fabric’ ‘cord fabric’ as well as baby cord for your yoga mat covers. Use as many options as you can! Good luck :smile:

(Inner Bee) #10

Great tips, thank you so much for taking the time!

Sam x

(Jacqueline Austen) #11

I love your shop - you have lovely items. Looking at your Christmas cards, I did find it a little difficult to make out the detail of the embossed white cards on my screen. It is probably my computer. Did you use a flash for the photos? Maybe the white cards in natural light might add shadows on the embossed work and help pick out the details for those of us with old computers!

I hope this is ok? I don’t want to sound in any way negative. I do believe it might just be my computer and not your pics that are at fault.

Jacqueline x

PS I would love feed back on my shop - any you care to give would be a great help and if any comments help me make changes that increase sales, that would be fantastic. (I am already changing items titles to try and make them more visible in the search facility. I have over 250 items for sale, so bear with me on this one!)

Jacqueline x

(Rebecca Evans) #12

Kitschen. I really liked your shop and see that you have put all your items into collections already!
I think the way that you write your descriptions is very clear and has a friendly feel to it, especially the inspiration bit. I looked at you valentine section and in some of the pictures I couldn’t make out the edge of the card as I think it is a white card on a white background? Maybe a different colour background?
Really lovely shop

I hope to have a look at the others soon too

(Kitschin Bunny) #13

Ooooooo great feedback, thanks guys! Do keep it coming.
I have now updated my shop so it has collections, hidden the Christmas bits…they can come out again at …Christmas :wink:
Totally agree about the embossed cards not showing up too well in photos…have tried this a few times now and will try again.
This has been a great exercise and I now feel refreshed and ready to go at it all again.
Shall be popping into the shops of those that have feedback - do let me know if you would like the same as you have given me here, personally I have found it invaluable and can not thank each of you enough for taking the time to look at my work.
Many, many thanks,

(Kitschin Bunny) #14

innerbee - I have just been into your shop and immediately fell in love with your wreaths…the little butterfly totally wowed me!

Your photography is great and you shop presents as a really colourful and all the pieces look really well made - stunning! I love it.

In fact inspiring, I think I will stop shying away from colour backgrounds on my photos as yours look so nice.

Though the wreaths were cheap considering all of the work that has gone into them.


(Inner Bee) #15

You superstar, thank you so much for taking the time to have a look at my shop, I really appreciate it!

I’m pleased the photography is okay, not my strongest point!

Pricing is always so tricky, there’s a lot of work in them but the materials hardly cost anything really when you think of the amount of yarn in a flower. I’ll see how the first two go, I did think about using cotton yarns next which are more expensive anyway. Ho hum!

Thanks again, I’m loving the supportive vibe on here, wish I’d taken the plunge ages ago!

Sam xx

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #16


I just took a look at your shop and it’s lovely! You have made some great artwork and I love the crochet - especially the unusual wreaths.
Good photos and nice presentation. I like your descriptions and the nice little personal touches - such as mention of your mum!
I hope you do very well - you deserve to!

Lizzie LizzieMade Hand Bound Books

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #17


I had a look round your shop and there’s certainly lots to see.

I must admit, I found all the sections a bit bewildering - and also was puzzled by the “Christmas” section, as it contains no Christmas themed stuff… Would it be better to remove that for now and bring it back in October or so?

I like the embossing on some of your cards - especially the silver raised embossed wedding design. I noticed someone commented on the white-on-white embossed designs of some Christmas cards (now removed from sale?) and you said they were hard to photograph. Perhaps it would be a good idea to try and get photos during the summer months, while the light is so much better. I also noticed that at least one of your cards has a photo that only displays as a thumbnail (presumably it is too low-res to display any bigger). There is some useful advice available on the Folksy Blog, about taking good photos - perhaps worth a read? (me too - my photos still need some improving & I just invested in a better camera!)

I think, as a customer, I would find it less confusing to shop, if there were less sections. Would it be worth putting a number of your “categories” of cards into one section - perhaps “Cards - Special Occasions”, “Cards - Wedding & Anniversary”, “Cards - Blank, Notelets”, “Cards - Personalised” etc - or something along those lines? And also “Cushions & Pillows” at the beginning, so it doesn’t get lost?

You seem to have some lovely products and I think I’ll be looking at your shop for cards at some point soon!

I wish you success with your business.

Lizzie LizzieMade Hand Bound Books

(Mhairigray) #18


I would really like if I could also get some critique of my folksy shop. I would really appreciate a few pointers from more experienced sellers as to how I might improve my sales which have been disappointing.
I have read over what has been said to other people and looked at their shops and would be very grateful for any advice.
My shop link is http://folksy.comshops/mhairigray

(Inner Bee) #19

Wow, thank you! I’m blown away by the positive comments from you guys, it really does mean the world to me. I’m totally bummed that I have to go back to work tomorrow, I want to stay home and do more art and crafty stuff!

You’re all amazing and I’m thrilled to be here with you all xxx

(Joy Salt) #20

I second all of that.