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Anyone have time to give me feedback? It really would be appreciated

(Becky Bull) #1


I’m new here (well sold one thing, had a long break and am now back!) I’ve seen that people get really good feedback from posting on here, so thought I would give it a shot. If anyone could take the time to look at my shop and see what they think, that would be really kind.

Thank you!!

(Trevor Harvey) #2

Er… you want feedback on your Etsy shop? Maybe you’d be better off asking someone on the Etsy forums… :slight_smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #3

You definitely need to change your link!

(Becky Bull) #4

Holy Cow.

Didn’t realise, sorry!

I started selling on Etsy, but then found folksy so moved over here. So used to typing the easy link in that it’s just instinct!!! Thanks for noticing, I’ll get rid of that when I’m fully moved over to folksy.

My folksy link is…

TheWoolllyBull is my old name, but I can’t figure out how to change it as I’m not selling knitwear anymore.


(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

You can edit your own posts via the item icon that looks like a pencil.

Goes off to have a little look at your shop :slight_smile:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

First thing I notice which will get you into trouble with folksy you have are advertising your ebay shop in your folksy shop this is now allowed.

You need to fill in your meet the maker bit as well.

You have pretty hair clips but your photo’s are pretty dark I would suggest a lighter background to make your items really pop. The listing says there’s a double pronged clip on the back but you don’t have a photo of the back. I think a customer would want to see that clip and sew how well it’s been secured.

Lovely butterfly necklace but the overall photo the main is partial out of focus yes I can see the butterfly but potential customers will need to see clearly the whole necklace, either as a whole or as individual photos’ of each section.

But from what I can see very pretty :smile:
all the best

(Roz) #7

Hi Becky - I see you are from my neck of the woods :smile:
Agree with Eileen re: advertising ebay - its not too hard to work out international postage rates for folksy
Also I would try and retake some of your photos and either take them using a square format or take them with a bit of a border so that you can crop them square before you upload them to folksy. Folksy works better with square photos otherwise you lose bits of the item.

You will find you have to work quite hard at promoting your shop and bringing customers in but if you put in the effort you will be rewarded :slight_smile:

Other than that - lovely items and good luck.


(Rhiannon Rose) #8

Hi Becky,
I’ve only just started out on Folksy, but I’ve been selling online for over a year now. Something that I noticed about your items: you have a number of fascinators/clips made from feathers. But, when I look at them in your shop, the words I see underneath are “Vintage Steampunk…” Would you be better to put a description of what the items actually are in the first few words, as that may be all you have to grab people’s attention before they click away? JMHO


(Sasha Garrett) #9

Some of the problems you are having are the same as problems I am having or have had - don’t have solutions for all of them yet…
Ideally your first/ main photo needs to have a square crop so that when you are looking at it on your shop front or in search results it doesn’t have bits chopped off. For example you have a big round pendant but in the picture on your shop front its lost the bottom half. You can recrop photos in picasa or similar and they often have a setting/ shape called cd cover which will crop it to square.
Your fascinators all seem to be suffering from a colour cast in the first photo - they have a very warm golden tone (your whites aren’t white). This can either be corrected for in picasa (neutral tone picker option) or you can get daylight corrected bulbs which have a much cooler tone or shoot in day light. The additional photos of some of the fascinators don’t have the colour cast and if I were a potential customer I wouldn’t know which was correct which would put me off. Like Eileen I would like to see the back and if possible someone modelling it for a sense of scale. You call the feathers ‘faux’ in the listing I looked at - they look like real feathers to me but have been dyed so is faux the right word to be using?
Folksy don’t like you promoting other selling platforms so you need to remove all mentions of etsy and ebay.
As Eileen points out not all of your item is in focus in the photos for the necklaces - this is a depth of field issue and I admit I haven’t completely solved this problem with my photos. My other half tells me that I should move the camera away from the item and then zoom in more to increase my depth of field (ie how much is in focus) but I found that artistically arranging the item flat on a table (and in such away that it can be cropped to square) and then shooting it from above works well and gets pretty much everything in focus. I then have the first shot of the whole piece with subsequent photos close ups of various bits of it. I’ve found that depth of field issues are worst when things are arranged in such away that the bit that is nearest the camera is significantly nearer the camera than the bit that is furthest away so keeping things flat and in the same plane as the camera really helps. I hope that makes sense as I’m not sure how else to describe it without waving my hands around …
Hopefully some of that will be helpful to you.
Good luck

(Camilla) #11

Hi Becky,

Really great advice from everyone - and I totally agree. Also, just to reiterate could you remove all references to Ebay and Etsy from your listings immediately please.

I would always suggest filling in your Meet the Maker / Profile section too because that helps buyers find out more about you and is also good for SEO (it will help you get found more easily across by search engine).


(Becky Bull) #12


Sorry about the eBay link, I honestly didn’t realise. Thanks for letting me know. The etsy link was a slight of hand as I’ve typed it so often it just comes out naturally now! Again, thank you for alerting me to this. I will of course remove all links.

Thank you so much to everyone for all their feedback, I didn’t expect so many replies in such a short amount of time! I will sit and read them all with a cuppa later today and start making changes asap!

Thank you again to all who replied, it is so useful as a new seller, you are all thinking of things I wouldn’t have even considered. I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to have a look at my shop.


(Becky Bull) #13

I have now updated my Meet the Maker/Profile bit.

I looked at other people’s at random throughout Folksy and wanted to be totally honest, and to come across as a real person. SO I have described the reasoning for my shop name and theme, something I was reluctant do do at first as it’s a pretty personal moment of my life so I didn’t want to trivialise it!

I haven’t put a lot in about WHAT I am selling as I would like the items (When i have sorted out the photos and perfected the descriptions) to talk for themselves. And it’s about me anyway, not my items, or that’s the take I had on it anyway!

Thanks again for all the wonderful advice.