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Hello everyone

Hello everyone:) I have just set up my shop on folksy KaCardsshop with cards. I am making cards by myself and this is my PASSION. I just wanted to say hello:) I am still learning how does it work:)

Thank you and have a nice evening:)


Hello and welcome to Folksy @KaCards anything you are not sure about just ask here on the forum someone will be able to help. Good luck with your new shop.

Welcome! This is a fab forum to be part of.
Hope you do well x

Hello, and nice to meet you :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to Folksy. The forum is a great place, very friendly and a great source of advice and support. Wishing you lots of success with your new shop.

Natasha x

Thank you all:) nice to meet you to:)

Welcome to Folksy…everyone here is lovely and there is always someone to help if you have a problem. There is a card and papercraft thread where you can show your cards…
Hope you don’t mind me saying but you need to check some of the spelling on your items. When I looked earlier you had spelt Wreath without the A in it…and a few other spelling mistakes as well…There is always someone here who will help if you struggle with things…not meant as a criticism but just to help you make your shop look great.
Keep listing and come on the forums and show what you have made.


Thank you very much for your help. I will look at it and I will change my
mistakes. I have to find time tomorrow to sit and work on my account on
folksy… I am new and just had 18 views so far. Now I am working on
valentines card because with the Christmas is too late now:)thank you