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Hello ..I'm back.... again! just listed a couple of items, fingers crossed :)

(Tracy Stevenson) #1

Hi everyone, I’m back for yet another go at selling. Anyone else back after having a break? I’m not going to get too stressed about how much I am selling this time. To be honest everyone is selling such gorgeous items on Folksy that there’s bound to be a lot of competition.

Tracy x :pig:

(Sasha Garrett) #2

Welcome back - you’re just in time to build up awareness for a busy Christmas season!

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(Tracy Stevenson) #3

Yes, hopefully with Christmas coming a few sales will be made. I haven’t listed much as yet, I had better start planning x

(Kam) #4

Hello Tracey @TJSJewelleryDesigns! All the best!

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(Tracy Stevenson) #5

Thank you xx

(Amberlilly) #6

Welcome back! Here to a busy next few months, fingers crossed!