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Shops reopened

Hi everyone. Hope everyone is having a good 2017!

I closed my shops at the beginning of the year (Heidi Meier Textiles and Textile Treasures) as we are having building work done and I had to pack everything away. Building has not yet finished but as I can now get to my boxes I thought I should reopen asap! So I hope to join a few threads (and will probably use this profile now more than the old one).

I have lots of changes planned, which you will see trickling through over the course of the next few weeks!

Looking forward to seeing your new makes too!

Heidi :grinning:


Hi heidi,

You have beautiful textile art :+1: good luck with your shop re-opening and I hope you have many happy sales! :slight_smile:


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Thanks Louise! I’ve not done anything for 6 weeks so am raring to go!! :running_woman:t3:

Welcome back Heidi, love your work :slight_smile:

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Thanks Tina - not really had time to do anything since my optimistic post lol. But the final stage of building is here and in less than 2 weeks it’ll be all over. :grinning:

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