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Help - any advice on UK furniture couriers please?

(Birchand Hare) #1

Having received my first sale on another site - I have just been informed by the buyer that the table I sold was damaged when she received it.

I can only think it was damaged in transit by the courier.

Does anyone have any tips on sending furniture by post please?

(Sarah Eves) #2


Ironically, I was going to buy that table - it was in my favourites!
I’d seen it here on Folksy before the other side - but the thing that stopped me was that I thought your postage was too cheap for the size/weight of the table in question, plus here on Folksy it would have been your first sale so was worried how it would be shipped, re.possible damage, given the low shipping price.

I recently ordered a table on a vintage site and would say packaging is key - bubblewrap, more bubblewrap, layers of cardboard and then more bubblewrap!
This table was sent via Parcelforce using the 48 hour tracked service, and the shipping cost was £17.50.
£17.50 was more than maybe My Hermes or other courier service, but for awkward, large and heavy items it is - in my opinion - much safer.
And I would rather pay more in shipping - and have less time in transit - to avoid possible damage.

Sarah x

(Birchand Hare) #3

Hi Sarah - thanks for the reply - very interesting and helpful. The table was bubble wrapped to death and had lots of cardboard but I suppose you never know what they do when its out of your hands. I had received quotes ranging from £10 to £113 from couriers to ship it so its difficult to know how much a customer will choose.

I’ve taken the advice of someone else and left the shipping up to the buyer - they can then make the decision of how much they want to spend and the type of service. We can only do our best to ensure it is packaged suitably.

I’m wondering though whether this will put buyers off. Just have to wait and see.

Thanks for the help

(Roz) #4

I’m not sure that leaving the shipping up to the buyer is a good idea. I’m not certain but I think if something is lost/damaged in the post it is the responsibility of the seller to refund and claim on insurance so if the buyer chooses a cheap unreliable option you my end up in trouble. I would check out the couriers policies and feedback before you choose.

(Sarah Eves) #5

It’s definitely the responsibility of the seller to ensure an item arrives in one piece,
In the same way that a seller has to refund/replace an item lost in the post, the same applies to a damaged item.

Offering a choice of couriers is good, but ultimately it is still your responsibility as a seller to make right a damaged order, and certainly NOT up to the buyer to either take responsibility or put in a claim for damage themselves.

Responsibility certainly doesn’t end at packaging correctly.

Also - would the customer have to arrange pickup/couriers themselves?
I think that could be a bit of a minefield organisation wise, as many couriers won’t specify a time, and others like an item dropped off.

Sarah x