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Help me please

Hello. May be my question is stupid))) but i want know. How many items i mast put here, that they are reflected in the category Christmas decoration? Sorry

Do you mean you would like your decorations to be in the Christmas Decorations Gift Guide? You don’t have to have a minimum number, you just need to catch Camilla’s eye! Try showing them here (if you haven’t already) Any suggestions for our Christmas Decorations Guide?
Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Christine!

Olga @Creativhook, your meet the maker section says you live in Russia, your items are described as being designed in St Petersburg, are you aware that only UK based sellers are allowed to sell on Folksy?

Yes. I live in Russia. When I registered on this site, I didn’t see the ban on the sale of my products.

Very sorry Olga, but it’s in the terms and condtions, you can’t sell on Folksy unless you are based in the UK…

Here, I’ve found the link that confirms it:

It’s as well that you found out before you listed too many things.

I anderstand and cancelled my story here(((

Sorry to see you go, Olga, although I do like that Folksy only accepts sellers based in the UK so that it doesn’t grow too big. Have you tried Etsy?

Yes i have store in Etsy)) Thank you!

It seems odd that Folksy doesn’t automatically pick up on the fact that a shop is not UK based when they register.

Makes you wonder…

If Olga hadn’t posted on the forum, she wouldn’t have known, maybe it needs to be clearer when you sign up?

Totally, not her fault. At registration it should had been spotted!

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Dear ladies. Thank you for your comments. If I knew it wasn’t right to be on this site, I would not be logged. I honestly wrote that Russia. And I was given an opportunity to register. Then I read ( thanks for the link) that are not eligible. But I’m obliged to pay pounds for My ignorance. I removed their goods and are waiting for the decision of the administration. Thanks again to all! Good luck.


I thought a UK address has to be given when registering…if not, it should be. It seems a bit unfair otherwise that people lose their money for listing items and then having to close.

I have no intention to lie. I am an honest person and wrote the truth.

I believe you Olga, but the registration system needs to change.

I think that YES)))

See you over on the other site - good luck with your shop over there :smile: