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Help - my dashboard has disappeared!

My dashboard appears to have vanished from my shop - anyone else having problems!
@dougfolksy - is this a blip in the system?

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Yes @OrchardFelts I’m having the same problem too. All other pages seem to be loading ok.

Thank goodness its not just me - dont know why that makes me feel better but it does! I have emailed Folksy and await a response :slight_smile:

:grin: yes it’s not personal @OrchardFelts

that’s weird, just checked and mine has gone too. I am sure it was there first thing!!!

I can’t get onto my dashboard either or load any other items for sale from any shops!

Just got email from Folksy - its a known issue and they are working on it … :slight_smile:

I cannot get onto my dashboard either. Hopefully it will come back up soon as Folksy are working on it


Mine too. Can’t list anything. :disappointed_relieved: this is the only option from menu working.

Yay - its back :slight_smile:

Hello – I’m really sorry about that, everyone, that was my fault!
I’ve created a status blog post about it here.
The TL;DR is that I was working deep in the Folksy infrastructure and I accidentally deleted something I shouldn’t have and had to rebuild it.
Again, my apologies for that.


We’re all human - thanks for restoring it so quickly :slight_smile: