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Help needed- adding lettering to a piece of art work

Hi everybody. I am totally new to folksy and am loving this.
I wonder if anyone could advise me please. I’ve recently started doing button art in box frames and was wondering how people put writing in their work.
Is it stenciled, printed??? If look at the baby feet I make, if I was to put them in a larger frame, what would be the best way to write the child details in.

Any feedback on these pieces would also be great. I am my own worst critic and these never look very good.
Thank you

these are cute Jacqui, I add writing to my work but use a variety of methods, sometimes I print, sometimes I handwrite, sometimes I use rubber stamps and sometimes I use die cut letters, it all depends on the piece really, good luck with your shop :slight_smile:

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These are really sweet!! I think for me handwriting would look so lovely….but stencils give a lovely look too, perhaps even better as they would reflect the textures in the artwork. Lovely :slight_smile:

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Hello, thank you for your reply. When I read the workd ‘stencil’ I always think of those big plastic things that we had in school. You know the ones I mean? With bits of each letter missing to enable the letter to be joined to the main frame.

Oh No Jacqui…not those, Ha Ha!! I have always cut my own from professional waxed card. It takes a bit of work and you need to be good with a scapel. You can take your time to draw really good text letters. I have worked on furniture, and interior walls with this method. Depends how much work you want to do really. :slight_smile:

Hi Jacqui, I can offer no advice at all about your lettering (not my area) but I just wanted to say welcome to Folksy and I hope all goes well for you. Your baby feet pictures are unbelievably cute!

That message made me smile. Everyone is so lovely.
Thank you for your message

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Well I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I’d rather it look good. I am finding that it is so difficult to just buy letter stencil with fancy fonts on them. I may have to look into your waxed card and scalpel method. Thanks alot.

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Very very cute!
I have never done stamping or anything like that, but would like to add that I have seen ‘rub off’ lettering in craft shops, or another alternative would be to print your words off on a computer printer. I sometimes use a special fabric to put in my computer printer because the possibilities are endless.
Good luck with your shop.
Amanda xxx

Oh thank you for the vote of confidence, there are some lovely people on
folksy. Im very new to it all, so it’s wonderful not being hurled abuse and
negative comments. You have some fantastic ideas there, in fact everyone
has been so helpful.
Thanks again


The little feet are adorable! My suggestion is to use cord to create the lettering. It looks very organic and quite arty. The cord is glued down something like in the ‘quilling’ method which sometimes also uses very thin slivers of paper or card. Cord can be bought in various thicknesses so you can create small letters if space is limited.

Oh I love that idea. Not thought of that one.
Thank you very much