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Help please Sian@admin

(Kate Green) #1

Hi, I want to set up things right before I start using my shop and have realised I have the wrong ID. Unfortunatley I upgraded to Folksy Plus so am tied into this ID. I’ve been looking through F&Qs and think i have a plan but want to check that I’m not making further mistakes!..
I want to cancel my folksy plus (opened last night and not used) so i can then delete my account (not yet used for buying or selling or listing). Then I want to start afresh - choosing a better ID, I will then upgrade to Folksy plus and start filling my shop.
Does this sound doable? How do I cancel Folksy plus? will I have a problem upgrading on a new account? When I’ve deleted my account will i have a problem opening a new one with the same email address?
Cheers Kate

(Helen Smith) #2

If I were you I would contact support rather than ask the question here.

(Margaret Jackson) #3

I agree, a direct query to Folksy support would be best I think.

(Roz) #4

When I was thinking of changing my shop by opening a new one admin said I would be able to transfer my plus account from one to the other. Didn’t change in the end so not sure if it would have worked.

Think if you set up new shop with correct name then they will transfer for you. Not sure about email address bit though

(Kate Green) #5

Thanks for the advice. I’ve sent a customer query but they say it can take up to a day to respond and I had put aside today to start filling my shop, so I was trying to speed up a response! I think from reading the various FAQ that I should be ok to cancel my FPlus and then delete my account and start again, I’m just nervous of making further mistakes and want some confirmation that it wouldn’t stop me starting afresh

(Kate Green) #6

GREAT! that’s sounding hopeful!

(Roz) #7

I wouldn’t delete first shop till Plus account has been transferred or until Folksy have told you its ok to do, you might end up with an unusable plus account!

(Kate Green) #8

Wise advice! I just hope they hurry up and reply as I want to get on with it!

(Roz) #9

They are usually pretty good at getting back to you fairly quickly in my experience :smile:

(Kate Green) #10

They’ve just emailed me - I am SO impatient! Thank you for settin my mind at ease. :smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #11

Good luck, enjoy filling your new shop today! :smile: