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Help - should I change my business name?

(Roz) #1

Advice/opinions much appreciated

I have been crafting for a couple of years making various craft items using the name Rozcraftz. I have a Facebook page Rozcraftz with approx 2000 followers and my shop on Folksy also called Rozcraftz. Craft fairs I have attended have always been under that name and the business cards I have handed out have that name on them. About a year ago I discovered needle felting and became addicted and decided that as I was now concentrating only on that craft it might be a good idea to start trading under a more appropriate name. I started a new page on Facebook Felt the need-le (approx 500 followers) and opened both an etsy and folksy shop under that name. However as I was already trading on folksy as Rozcraftz and had a plus account I have not as yet put anything in my other folksy shop. I have decided to leave things as they are in the run up to Christmas but as my plus account is up for renewal in January I feel that if I am to make the change that would be the best time. Also I am running out of business cards so need to make the decision before ordering more!

My dilemma is this:

  1. Should I just stay with the name Rozcraftz and shut down my Felt the Need-le Facebook page and rename my etsy shop

  2. Should I shut down Rozcraftz, losing my Facebook followers and possible return customers who have previously bought from me and start again under a new name

  3. Is the name Felt the Need-le still appropriate given that I have now developed my felting and do a lot of wet felting and nuno felting as well as needle felting.

Sorry for the long post but I am pretty rubbish at making decisions.


(Christine Shephard) #2

Personally…I would just stick with Rozcraftz. It covers any craft you choose to do, it’s well-known, your FB page is established. Why change it?

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #3

I’d stick with Rozcraft too - Felt-the-Needle is a bit of a mouthful in comparison LOL! Plus, if you decide to try another craft at some point that is completely different to felting Rozcraft will be the most suitable as you can do any craft with that name.

(Jacqueline Ostrowka) #4

I agree Rozcraftz covers all your crafts, you could keep your new facebook page if you chose too and just put links to your Rozcrafts folksy shop, that way you wont loose your existing customers but gain new ones from your Felt The Need-le.
It’s a hard decision to make but you have to make the one you feel is best for you, nothing is ever straight forward, and it’s awful starting at zero again :slight_smile: x

(Brenda Cumming) #5

Stick with Rozcraft…much nicer and you can always tell existing customers of your new name…and as other say…you can list ANY crafts under that title.

(Liz Dyson) #6

I like Rozcraftz, too - it covers absolutely everything and you are already established as such.

(Julie) #7

No doubt in my mind - stick with Rozcraftz - for all the reasons already quoted. A good brand name doesn’t necessarily have to tell everyone precisely what you do and I think you have to be very, VERY sure before going down the path of re-branding that you are going the right way.

(Roz) #8

Thanks all for the replies. I think you have confirmed what I was thinking anyway. When I first got involved with felting I was so excited about it I got a bit carried away with thoughts of rebranding but now I think perhaps I should stick with what is already established. I will have to change the name of my shop on the other side but I don’t think its got a vast following although I will still leave it until after Christmas. Thanks again.

(Heidi Meier) #9

I’m with everyone else - stick with your first name. You’ve built your brand up well and it can translate across to any skill!

(Sasha Garrett) #10

Stick with Rozcraft - felt the need-le sounds like a tattoo parlour to me!