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Want to change my shop name but stuck

(Kylie Tilley) #1

Im wanting to change my shops name, i have 3 names in mind but totally stuck. Any ideas?

  • Tilley’s Handmade Emporium (bit long winded)
  • Tilley’s Creations
  • Little Bird’s Creations

(Sonia Adam) #2

I do like the name of your shop as it is, do you have a reason for wanting to change it? I think you have to go with the one that reflects your brand the most.

(Sasha Garrett) #3

Why the desire to change your shop name? Your fans (and I’m sure you have them even if you don’t know about them) will know the name and you might loose them in the change over.
Anyway, a quick search here on folksy turned up 6 other shops with ‘little bird’ as part of their name - an internet search would probably turn up more - so perhaps not ideal. I personally dislike anything with emporium in the name - don’t know why. Which leaves Tilley’s Creations - appropriate given your range of materials used and items produced.
I couldn’t come up with anything exciting for my shop name which is why I went with my own name so I might not be the best to ask.

(Kylie Tilley) #4

i just feel that with the name i have im not reaching many people, been open for a year. . 6 sales. I dont know

(Sonia Adam) #5

I don’t think your shop name makes all that much difference in reaching people. That is down to promotion & getting people to see your items. Do you promote on facebook, twitter, craftjuice etc?

(Kylie Tilley) #6

i did on facebook but was having trouble keeping up with it as i was doing a degree and working and just didnt have the time. Might start again as i have more time now

(Sonia Adam) #7

Your shop has lovely items - I particularly like your bird brooches & hand-printed items. If it was me, I’d concentrate on those areas. They are things that not everyone can turn their hand to as they take skill, artistic talent and specific tools. I’d also charge more for them to reflect that. That is just my opinion of course :blush:

(Kylie Tilley) #8

thankyou for the advice, will take a look at the pricing in the new year as i have many new ideas for my products and want the new year to start with a bang x

(Iguana49) #9

I agree with Fantoosh and others - I think the shop name is good and quite memorable. I very much like your bird brooches, maybe do one or two other types of bird too?

(Kylie Tilley) #10

im looking at doing more birds like owls at the moment as i have a few commissions from friends. Will take a look. thankyou

(Sonia Adam) #11

Be sure to pop back & let us know how you’re getting on - good luck with it all!

(Kylie Tilley) #12

thanks all for your good advice. . will take it on board and let you know how its going x