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New shop name help

(For Eva Yours) #1

Hello, after lovely feedback from friendly folks on here I’ve decided to reopen my shop, I will be selling items made from felt, eg personalised name chains and initials. I want to change my shop name to something that reflects what I sell and would love your opinions please, this is what I’ve come up with so far:
Felt Sew Different
Felt Sew Special
Felt Sew Personal
Felt Sew Unique
Just Felt Like it

Any comments or ideas will be much appreciated!!
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(sejleather) #2

ForEva Felt ?

(Roz) #3

I love your items but are you 100% sure you are going to stick to working with felt and not move into other media. You may find including the word felt in the name may become limiting in the future and although it reflects what you sell it won’t necessarily increase the views in your shop as people looking for your style of items won’t always be thinking of what they are made of. Personally I like your shop name - or maybe shorten it to ForEva Yours or For Eva Designs.

Then again - I hate my shop name - it was given no thought and was decided on in about 5 seconds when I was filling in a form and had to come up with something - so who am I to give advice! The only advice I am qualified to give is think hard and make sure you are happy with it as once you start trading under that name it becomes increasingly difficult to change, I am thinking of taking the plunge but may wait till after Christmas now.

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #4

Have you tried Googling those names? Best way to find out if they have already been used :slight_smile: Also, check website address availability for them - no good having a good name if you can;t have the web address for it :smile:

Choosing a name is a nightmare - good luck!

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(Kelly) #5

Heartfelt Fancies? When you say personalised name chains and initals, I’m guessing these will be hand embroidered? x

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(For Eva Yours) #6

Thank you. That’s a good point actually as I do have a few other ideas I might try out that don’t involve felt. I may just end up keeping my current name, it took me long enough to come up with that one!!
You have a lovely shop by the way :slight_smile:

(For Eva Yours) #7

Yes, hand sewn and embroidered :slight_smile:

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