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Help with Insurance for my Shed/Studio

(Haley Glover) #1


I am trying to find insurance for my pottery shed in my garden. Its a fairly large, well insulated and secure shed so I want to insure the building and its contents (equipment and possibly stock). I already have Public Liability Insurance but I want to cover my building and equipment etc

I have been looking at business premises insurance but none of those seem fitting. I assume lots of you work in sheds etc and wondered if you could help with who I can approach.

So any help gratefully received.

(Haley Glover) #2

I would delete this post but I can work out how to.

But problem solved after many phone calls, covered under my household insurance as long as no customers visit me in my shed.

(Deborah Jones) #3

I was going to say mine is included on the household insurance - it puts the premiums up a lot , but at least they can’t turn around and quibble if it is all on one policy.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

I was going to say contact your home insurance people as I think you’ll find it will be covered but if you have expensive equipment stored in it you might have to have those bits named with a price. Sometimes that means you pay a few pounds more a year sometimes you don’t.

Glad you have it all sorted now. :slight_smile: