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Liability Insurance. Where do I start? HELP!

(Caroline Perry) #1

Hello everyone,

Hope you’ve had a crafty good day. I am doing a craft fair outside this weekend, my first outdoor event and the first time I’ve had to get insurance. I’ve typed into Google Liability insurance for Crafts and got a list that came up, but when I read them it baffled me with science. AAAAAAA
Can anyone suggest good insurance company I can go through please?
If I add up all my products and equipment it’ll come to about £150, so really not a lot.

Any response or Do and Don’ts would be much appreciated.

Crafty Caz :0)

(Deborah Jones) #2

I use G M Imber and son they do a craft policy ,off the top of my head it is about £52 per year for 5 million
personal and product liability.
this figure has nothing to do with the value of your stock - it is about how much will get paid in compensation to someone who is hurt by your stall or stock.

(Caroline Perry) #3

Thanks so much for your help I’ll be taking a look at that. I’ve also been that CMTIA is good so will look at both.

(Grimm Exhibition) #4

Im with CMTIA, nice people and hassle free.

(Annelee Roscoe) #5

I too use CMTIA, and would recommend. Very reasonably priced too.

(Louise Burgoyne) #6

Try Air by AN (artists newsletter) Its about £38 a year. Hope it goes well for you!

(Ronald Koorm) #7

I also use G M Imber. Very reasonable and efficient. By the way, if someone designs items specifically for someone else or provides a service which the client relies on, there might sometimes be a need for Professional Indemnity Insurance as well. Usually that is for architects, photographers, interior designers, dentists, doctors, etc. But always check the policy wording on Public liability, as there could be instances of consequential loss, which probably wouldn’t be covered on design of bespoke items for a client. Trouble is, it costs a lot, and most people outside the professions don’t bother. Not intended to scare crafters, I have had PI insurance but in a previous career, not as a crafter.

(Amber Gracia Shop) #8

I’m with Air by AN artist newsletter . 38 per year. It was easy to do online, they sent the certificate by email. So I had it in time for fair. Hope it goes well for you. :slight_smile:

(Wonderland Found) #9

Hi Crafty Caz.
I read your post about liability insurance. Are you not covered for craft fairs under your business insurance?
If you contact your insurance company they may tell you that you already have some cover in place for attending fairs.
Probably too late with my reply, sorry but I’m fairly new and still finding my way around.