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Product liability insurance

Hello Everyone
Just a quick query … Can any of you lovely Folksy sellers recommend a product liability insurance provider, please. I only sell online in the United Kingdom, so I’m looking for something a bit cheaper than the £70+ I’ve been quoted. I won’t be doing any craft fairs or markets so I am assuming I don’t need public liability insurance.
Thank you
Ali x

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I used to have membership of the artists information company which included insurance. Heres the link - - I think its about £35 a year.

I am now a member of the International Feltmakers Association which provides my insurance so you may find there is an association related to your craft that may do similar.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Mine is with Direct Line and covers me for craft fairs and selling online in EU (although not sure how that will be affected if the referendum votes us out!) I pay monthly and it’s just under £5 a month

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i use this

Thank you!

Thank you. I will give them a call in the morning!

I’m also a member of Artists’ Network :slight_smile:

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