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Insurance! Can anyone suggest a good provider

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to organise insurance again. I’ve used the same company for 2 years in a row but when I went to make a claim (after accidentally breaking a huge urn @ a National Trust Property) they were hopeless. It took them months & months to decide I wasn’t covered & this was only after they had taken the money for the excess & had that in their account for at least a week. I need public liability for craft fairs & also to cover what I sell online.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance

Debby (Cade & Co)

@CadeDesign. Hi. Its usually when you’ve had an incident you find out how good you’re provider is. I have used Ian W Wallace for about 5 years, never had a problem but never had reason to claim - ha touch wood. I’m sure there are plenty others which people can recommend also. Ruth.

Ian wallace regularly gets recommended, there is also craft insure from GM imber and sons and (you can get a 15% off discount code via ukhandmade). I have my insurance as part of my a-n membership, never had to make a claim on it so don’t know how good they are in that respect.

I use Ian Wallace, but like other I’ve never had reason to make a claim.

I switched to Ian Wallace a couple of years ago as they are one of the few I could find that cover sales to the USA.

Thanks Ruth. I’ll look into it :slight_smile:

Thanks Sasha I’ll investigate your suggestions and work out which offers the best value :slight_smile:

Thanks Sue I’ll investigate & see which of the 2 suggestions offers best value. Really appreciate everyone’s help :slight_smile:

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I use C.M.T.I.A Limited. They are not too expensive and can easily be renewed each year but you are not covered for selling abroad( with the one I have anyway, there may be another option if you wish to do this.) This is their web page; Hope you find something suitable.

I use Ian Wallace too

Ian Wallace for me too - they specialise in craft insurance and are underwritten by Hiscox - I pay £6.11 per month by direct debit and they don’t add a charge for paying monthly.

i have used air insurance