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Help with jersey fabrics please!

(Plumporridge) #1

I have 3 little girls t-shirts which I want to make into dresses by adding a gathered fabric skirt. I have never sewn knitted, jersey, stretchy fabrics before and wondered if anyone has any tips? Such as the stitch length, or how to feed it under machine foot. I have an overlocker, would that be easier to use than my sewing machine? Thanks all.

(Grimm Exhibition) #2

I would say yes to the overlocker as its a machine that allows fabric to stretch. Id use a stretchy fabric for the skirt too so the garment is easy to put on.

(Melanie Commins) #3

The most important things are to use a proper stretch needle (a normal needle will put ladders in your fabric) and to use a zig-zag stitch on parts that are likely to have any stress put on them … straight stitch will just break, zig-zag stitch has more stretch.

Using an overlocker will work well too. Just make sure you have the right needles in it.


(Plumporridge) #4

Thank you ladies for setting me off on the right road! I used my overlocker in the end and I’m fairly happy with how it’s come out. It’s made me think though that I must learn how to use my overlocker properly, there’s so much more I could be doing with it. Here’s the dress if you want to take a look!

(Grimm Exhibition) #5

Swwweeeeeeeeeeeeet, looks fab.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

Not a bad job at all well done :slight_smile:

(Plumporridge) #7

Thank you both. I did two more yesterday and messed the second one up when I caught a bit of the t-shirt in the overlocker! I saved it by running it round on the sewing machine, however I don’t think the seam looks as good, so went back to the overlocker for number three. I feel like I learned a lot yesterday!