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(Ickletotz) #1

Hi, hoping to get some advice on purchasing an overlocker. To buy or not to buy? Had one (Janome) a few years back and it was a nightmare to thread … Anyone else find they are particularly difficult to set up, or is it just me, or was I just unlucky with that particular machine.
I design and make children’s clothes and would really love a more professional finish to the seams, but needless to say I’m wary about what to buy for the best.

(Grimm Exhibition) #2

I have MyLock204D, had it for a few years and stil doing well although I dont use it as much as id like. Im no expert so I cant really advise.Yes, i totally hate the thought of having to rethread a different colour but I realise the first 2 of them are easy, 3rd is quite tricky and the 4th is easier than the 3rd. Just breath and take your time.

(Kim Blythe) #3

I have had my Brother 1034D overlocker for a few years now and it’s brilliant.
It’s easy to thread and easy to use, and a good price if you don’t want to spend a lot.
It’s a very popular one and gets good reviews. It also comes with an instructional DVD
Here is a link to it