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Help with printer for 300gsm cardstock

Hi there,

I’m very new to Folksy, just finding my way around and have recently started reading the forum. This will be my first post.

I find myself in desperate need of some quick advice.

I’ve started producing greetings cards from some of my art work and had been using my trusty old printer with cardstock I already had. I recently tried samples of a new card supplier (FSC approved) and settled on a 300gsm linen cardstock. The sample of which, and others at that weight, worked perfectly fine in my printer.

You can guess what comes next can’t you!!

New cardstock has arrived today. Started to print out some cards and after the first one working perfectly I cannot now get the printer to work correctly with this weight. Checked with lighter weight card and its fine, but not the 300gsm.

Does anyone have any recommendations of printers that they use for this weight cardstock please?

Thanks in advance