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Henley and Cranleigh ornament fair

Ive just started an application to sell my Xmas ornaments at a Henley and Cranleigh Christmas ornament fair.
If I get accepted I can submit 200 items. EEk! If I get accepted I best get a move on.

Is anybody else selling at this fair?

I have herd of it but never applied for it.
Henley is a good place for fairs ect.
My sisters mother in law does alot round there.
Hope that helps

Thanks. Ive sold at Henley arts trail before, I made a profit but not loads. I hope itl be a successful event, I guess people know what to expect when they get there as its very clear what its about. Il let you know if I get accepted.

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Argh! Ive been accepted!! Now to make 100 decorations in 2 weeks!

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Im sewing and soldering like the wind, I have about 100+ decorations accounted for, thought I had more but apparently not! Just another (approx) 100 to go.

Newsflash- I cant count properly. I did a proper count and i have 196 (complete and incomplete) decorations. 4 to go.Phew!

Hope you do well, it sounds very interesting, hopefully you can post a pic of your wares at the fair :blush:

Another newsflash, I still cant count, I think I counted 30 decs twice, so Im down to about 160.Which is ok but its not 196!!

167 items labelled and on my list so far, a few more to go, il need a little lie down when im done. Its not the making that only takes time, but all the making labels, adding the code and price, cutting out the string etc too.

I had a slow realisation the other day that my many glass decorations are heavy and will cost a fortune when posting, Im trying to speed things up so I can send them earlier and send them 2nd class.

But we are crafters and we do this coz we love it.

190 ornaments/decorations in a postal box, 6 more to go. The tension mounts.

You’ve been working hard :smiley: wish I could say the same : :confused:

Im happy to report my Xmas parcel only cost £12.98. I was preparing myself for £15, so all is good.
Im giving myself the rest of today off, then I have to prepare for affair on Saturday!!

Im preparing for a craft fair tomorrow, Im trying to compile a flyer of other fairs il be selling at, but isn’t it awful when you know where you have to be but don’t quite have the info that tells you what time you should be there!! I have nothing to pass onto potential customers. I need to find my paperwork.

Good luck for this weekend, don’t forget to take pics of your stand/stall.

Thanks, il try to remember to take my camera(I guess I should say mobile phone but Im not that modern, ive no idea how it works, Il stick to what I know)

The event was ok, there was a steady flow of people, I had a couple of sales(one to a friend) but I didn’t make my table money back.
I read on social media a person who visited said that they liked a lot of what was on offer but held back with their spending(!!!). I thought noooooo, that’s the last thing you want to do. They’d be helping crafters, not just with money but it gives us a real confidence boost when we have a sale.
Anyhoo, its the first fair of a few this year.
The organiser has planned another event in early December at a bigger location on a main road, so Ive signed up for that.

I guess a lot of people do hold back until nearer Christmas, glad you had a couple of sales at least, hopefully you’ll do better at the one nearer Christmas .

Hi, here are some pics of my stall from the fair the other week. Please try to ignore the suitcase and the radiator etc in the background.


So the ornament fair is over, I submitted 196 and sold 14. Not great but not bad.
I don’t think il make as many if I do it again.
Do you know about that wants to buy 182 decorations?

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Well done for selling 14. Have you finished with craft fairs this year? I haven’t done any and I’ve missed them really.