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Hi... been away for a few years.... Help

(Claire Mort) #1

Hi everyone… I have been away for a few years… life happened…
soooo whats changed…
help in any way please
Ummm also I changed my shop name and it hasn’t change in my url so should i just start a new shop??
I had 130 sales before and i don’t really want to lose that info…
suggestions please…
i am on etsy and i thought it might be a good plan to be on here too…
any info i would be grateful for
claire x

(Lois Bell) #2

First step would be to have a good rootle around the Folksy blog and their advisory pages, about how to sell on Folksy etc. That’ll be the most reliable way to get up to date with how the site runs now.

I personally wouldn’t think twice about the shop URL being different from the name you use in the banner…I doubt I’d even notice! So for me, I’d reopen your old shop and keep all the stats and feedback you have up to now. I wouldn’t say it was worth losing all that just for the sake of a name.

(Karen Rickard) #3

I’d reopen your old shop too and keep your 130 sales.
I came back to Folksy a few years ago after being away for a while. I started a new shop as I’d deleted my old shop when I left.
It’s different to Etsy and not as user friendly when it comes to running your shop but it’s UK which I wanted.

(Max Pring) #4

You can just ask Folksy Support to change your shop URL. Welcome Back too :slight_smile:

(Claire Mort) #5

Good morning
Thank you so much for your support and advice and I think I will do as you suggest
I think I was concerned about he URL as that is how I shall direct people to my shop…
I really appreciate you taking the time out to help
Thank you

(Claire Mort) #6

Thanks for that…
Fingers crossed I understand how it works here
have a great day

(Claire Mort) #7

Once I work out how to contact Folksy, I shall do that
Thanks for your help
Have a great day

(Support) #8

Just email us at and we will get it sorted for you!

(Claire Mort) #9

thank you so much … just figuring it all out x

(Claire Mort) #10

Just emailed, look forward to the change
Thank you

(Claire Mort) #11

uh oh… just emailed again… link doesn’t work… and now it femmes to have changed back… … worried as i am busily listing and getting my shop firing on all cylinders…

(Claire Mort) #12

ummm hello?

have emailed… its all still not working and it also had the wrong email address in my settings which i have now changed… no response here or on email?
help please?