Folksy Ltd

Returning to Folksy

I have been on Folksy a while ago and am thinking of coming back. I have been on Etsy for nearly 3 years now. The first year was very quiet till I got the hang of it, but this last year has been fantastic with sales all over the world. This next year I plan to really push ahead and am wondering if it wold be worth giving it another try on here, now that I know more about promotion

Well obviously I am going to say come on back we are a wonderful bunch of people here. I’m happy on Folksy and leave my much smaller shop over on etsy to tick over on its own so that I can focus on promoting my main shop on here. But something for you to think about - if the people you are already promoting to are used to using your etsy shop how are you going to persuade them to come here instead or how would you change your promotion to attract new customers that you can direct to your folksy shop?
Good luck what ever you decide.