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Hi from Canada folks!

Hi folks!
So- I’m finally somewhat settled in Calgary, Canada. (As in, our house finally has broadband and we have mobile phones and a bank account and things!)

I’m not currently in a position where I’m able to create though which is driving me a little crazy! It’s like starting out all over again! Finding suppliers for materials etc. I brought the bare minimum with me- my sketchbooks and Lino tools…and I did manage to smuggle in some inks and a little bit of Lino without husband noticing! Haha
Our house is really big with some empty rooms- so I do have space to work in the house which is good to start with- you know, once I get some furniture for them! I’m currently on the look out for a part-time job ideally so I can carve and print alongside & then hopefully get/share some studio space! It seems quite arty here which is cool!
Anyway- I hope you’re all doing well- I’m probably going to hang around on the forum still even though I know I can’t sell on Folksy anymore (gutted about that!!)

But I thought you might want to see a few photos I’ve taken as well- when we arrived it was pretty much -30 degrees Celsius. I thought I would die at that temperature but it’s so dry I’ve been pleasantly surprised! I mean- the snot freezes in your nose at that temperature but you don’t feel it in your bones like you do when it’s cold and humid. (Sorry about the snot mention!!) :stuck_out_tongue:

This is one I took the other day of the frozen Bow River that runs through the centre of the city. The bridge is the Peace Bridge and that’s the start of downtown on the right.

I had to take a stereotypical Canadian photo as well of course! Free skating on the frozen river- so long as you bring your own skates along that is. Clearly everyone has them! Haha (already on my to-buy list also)

And this little view is just by my house. We live in a house on the edge of the university campus where my husband is working. It’s fantastic for all the snowshoe hares! They’re everywhere! I love watching them from the house in the evening!

Anyway- I hope to stay in touch folks! Still enjoy coming on this forum and seeing what’s going on in the world of British craft! :smiley:

Edit: Also- I’m 7 hours behind the uk which I’ve just thought of as I’ve posted this! haha


it looks wonderful Susannah and I’m sure you will find a way to get back to creating, I’m thinking your first one may be some snow hares :slight_smile:

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Oh wow Susannah @curiousseagull - that looks amazing. I often wish I was brave enough to pack up and move miles away and start again but I know it won’t happen (well I did move 200 miles last summer but towards family rather than away!)

Good luck with the house, it must be lovely to have a blank canvas to work from, and the job hunting. Hope you will keep us all updated.

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Wow, super photos - all that snow! Wishing you all the very best :slight_smile: Elaine

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How lovely to see where you are, I hope things go well for you x

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How fantastic, lovely to see your photos and hear you arrived safely.

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What lovely photos! Great to hear you’re there and getting settled in.

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waving…looks lovely but you can keep the snow…x

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It looks amazing! Get your skates quick because that looks like fun! :wink:

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Good morning Susannah, it’s looks beautiful, I’m sure it won’t be too long before you get a craft/print room sorted. it sounds like you’re enjoying your adventure :slight_smile:

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@paperchainsandbeads snowshoe hares are definitely on my mind!! I’m not very good at drawing mammals though- not fluffy ones anyway! I’ve been doing a bit of doodling but so far I need much more practise! Haha
It seems right now the most common bird I’ve seen (they’re literally everywhere!) are magpies. Though they have longer tails than ours and manage to be even more chatty! So that may be a good place to start! Haha
I’m going to have to practise with mammals though as there’s a lot about! About a mile up the road is a large natural park area where there’s wild coyotes, deer, porcupines, marmot and another kind of prairie dog. Going to explore there this weekend I think!! Desperately want to see a wild porquipine though!

Thank you for all the well wishes folks! Really appreciate it! :slight_smile:
I hope you’re all having a good start to the year as well. It feels like an age since I was last on here. Just having a read through posts, it’s good to catch up. :slight_smile:

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It’s just living so far from the sea…I’m not sure how I will cope in the long run. At the moment it’s okay because everything is so new!!
Moving 200 miles is pretty good though- I’d never moved that far before now. I think it’s impressive how quickly you start to settle down though. :slight_smile:

Hi Susannah @curiousseagull

It’s lovely to hear from you. It looks absolutely beautiful where you are. So clean and fresh.
I bet even the air feels different :blush:

It won’t be long until your settling back into creating.

Keep in touch

Karen x

It’s good to hear you’ve arrived all safe and sound and they have a nice house for you :smile:

The photo’s look wonderful like all snow photo’s but I’m glad am not in the snow as I remember twice being snowed in once as a child up in Yorkshire and again here in Surrey stuck on top of the hill for 4 days.

I’ve never like the cold or heat myself but it’s always so beautiful to look out onto.

I hope you find just the right part time job and quickly too.

I hope you can get back into creating and find some group crafting groups and some really good friends.

Hahaha yeah I really had to psych myself up when I was looking at the temperatures before we arrived. That may have helped me! But I’ve been amazed actually at how easy it is to live in temperatures that cold! It’s been down to -30 several times and it’s only the last few days it’s been as “warm” as -5 even. But I haven’t had to do anything different to be honest. Not really. I’ve just had to plan outings a little more carefully so I know we’re not going to be outside for too long. And wearing thermals under my jeans a few times! Haha but- its so dry the cold doesn’t sink in at all. You can just feel it on your skin. But then as soon as you cover that part up or go inside you warm up instantly. So for my dodgy knees- I fortunately haven’t had any issues!
It is very pretty though. The snow is doing a lot of melting at the moment though. Might actually get to see what this place actually looks like soon! Haha

The air feels really nice and fresh actually- my husband has commented on how nice the skin on my face is looking (I still have very teenage like skin unfortunately!) but not here it seems. So quite happy about that! Haha

I’ve just had a day building awful flat-pack ikea furniture. That’s enough of a job for me today! Haha


Wonderful photos thank you so much for sharing! Looks like you are having a wonderful adventure. I would miss the sea (I live on the Isle of Wight lol!) but I think I could make the trade for all that snow! Do you have lovely clear dark night skies or are you too close to the city?

Haha yeah- I am concerned about the sea. Will see how I get on I suppose! Never been this far away from it. Not for any length of time anyway. Husband is the same as me though and he’s a surfer so we’ll see how long he lasts as well. I do actually imagine we’ll end up back by the sea- but maybe in Canada still. We shall see.
We’re in the north west of the city but because everything is so spread out here and it’s so dry you still get really clear skies. Most days- in fact- every day we’ve been here so far it’s been completely clear blue skies. You can see the Aurora in the city even. Granted it looks even more amazing when you leave but even so- pretty impressive.
We’re looking forward to spending time well away from the city when we’re more settled. Can’t wait!

You can see the Aurora!!! I think you will need those spare rooms for us all to come and visit lol!! :joy:Maybe your hubby could take up snowboarding instead of surfing!! Enjoy, and keep us posted. xx

Pleased to see everyting working out well, great photo’s, have fun :slight_smile:

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Hahaha yep- that is his plan! He’s happy because he’s a mountain biker too so gets some of the best mountain biking in the world in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. I’ve told him we’ll just have to holiday by the sea instead- my plan is California and Hawaii. Haha Got to try your luck somewhere along the lines!

I’ve already got everyone I know planning their holidays around our spare bedroom- I need to hurry up and furnish it! Haha

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