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Some photos from Canada:

Morning folks!
Just thought I would post an off-topic topic!- off work today and I loiter around here a fair bit despite not being able to sell here anymore. Though to be honest- since I moved, I’ve not got myself fully set up yet anyway! I’ve just been getting little bits and pieces as I have seen them.
But now I have a job (which I love) and it’s part time- so hoping to really focus my mind and get some artwork made soon enough!!
We’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors- haven’t really spent a lot of time in the mountains yet but thought I’d share some photos- they’ve all been taken within the city- most downtown in the busiest part!- (I’m in Calgary, Alberta for those who don’t know) :slight_smile:

A porcupine if you can see him!- photo taken in Nose Hill park a short walk from our house.

A woodpecker- there’s several different kinds!

We’ve seen several coyotes close by our house. Though this one was taken in Fish Creek in the south of the city.

Taken last night downtown by the river- I made plenty squirrel friends.

Where we live is surrounded by Snowshoe hares. So fun watching them all! They’re losing their winter coats now. They were bright white in the middle of winter.

And last night we saw a beaver!! There’s signs of them everywhere along the river- they just fell trees constantly! But we didn’t manage to see one until last night! Right in the middle of downtown just sitting chewing a stick!

We also saw hundreds of Richardson’s Ground squirrels the other day- they’re often called gophers though strictly speaking they’re not. Couldn’t get any photos though- they’re too fast! But it’s a sure sign everything is coming out of hibernation so looking forward to getting into the mountains very soon for more photo opportunities! We have migration to look forward to as well from May- though some things have started to show up early.

The Canada geece are everywhere too! Fighting/partnering up!

I’m on Instagram: @curiousseagull where I post a lot of photos for anyone interested.

Hope you all have a good day and don’t mind me sharing!! :smiley:


Great photo’s, what a wonderful place :slight_smile:

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Lovely photos. Thank you for sharing :blush:

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Great photo’s

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I was expecting the porcupine to be more prickly than that, still beats Mr Hedgehog though. Will you be heading to the Icefield Parkway for the bear jams next month?

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Haha he was pretty big and I guess looked kind of fluffier possibly just because of his winter coat. He didn’t care that we were standing a few feet away from him though. Nothing we see seems to be too fussed at us being close to them.

We’ve got friends coming over in August for 3 weeks and have planned a trip from lake Louise up to Jasper along the Icefield Parkway and then will do the Skytram in jasper and plenty hiking. We’ll be heading out a fair bit before then but I can’t really be bothered to sit in bear jams! Haha
We’ve done a bit of skiing and things in Sunshine this winter but haven’t really been out in the mountains for any hiking- it’s been a very snowy winter with a lot of chinooks so there’s been a lot of avalanch warnings. I’m definitely more of a summer walker anyway though. So I plan on spending a fair bit of time around places like Kannanaskis.

No doubt I can add more photos to this thread at some point. :slight_smile:

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You’ll have a field day since you like hiking, the scenery is spectacular. But make sure you take appropriate precautions against tick bites as Lyme’s disease is found in some bits of the Rockies (I picked up a tick somewhere between Calgary and Vancouver and not realising that I a) had it and b) it carried Lyme’s disease left it so ended up in A&E in agony getting what ever painkillers they would let me have so I was fit enough to fly home (it was the end of the trip anyway)).

OOo - how wonderful to see a beaver! and the hares are womderful too. Not sure how keen I’d be to bump into a porcupine or coyote though!

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Wonderful to see thank you so much for sharing

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Oh that’s not good. Good job it wasn’t at the beginning of the trip.
To be honest I think I’d just take the same precautions as in the UK- we used to hike a lot in Scotland & Northumberland and so far have avoided Lyme disease (though I do know several people who have picked it up over the years)- and I actually think you take more precautions when you’re abroad than when you’re at home so I’m sure we’ll be fine. & if not, well I guess that’s just life. Haha fortunately I’m pretty happy with the healthcare here- though I haven’t had to use it yet my husband has and couldn’t complain.
But yeah- it’s a hikers paradise that’s for sure! Haha

My husband always wears walking trousers now, and not shorts on walks since getting attacked by a tick in a National Trust Deer Park some years back. He was diagnosed with Lymes Disease after noticing a strange circular rash.
It’s an awful disease if not caught early on.
We were so shocked.

Karen x

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Wow! Wonderful photos - thanks for sharing!

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