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Hi, how do i link to pinterest?

(Flyingballoons) #1

Hi all, I’m a jewellery maker who has recently come out of retirement (haha I’m 36!) as I’m new to folksy I thought you knowledgeable lot could help me out. When I copy my pinterest URL into the ‘link pinterest’ account on shop appearance it keeps saying invalid, I’ve tried changing it but to no avail…it’s driving me crazy and I can’t find anything about it on the folsky helpdesk???

Thank you in advance x Ruth- flying balloons

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

Once your have a pinterst account and have items in your shop all you need to do to get your shop items into your pinterst boards is to click on the pin it icon/button next to your listing.

(Flyingballoons) #3

Thank you, Eileen for your speedy reply.
It’s actually the pinterest button that you can put on the shop page not actually uploading images to pinterest- like the facebook buttons etc… On shop appearance you are giving the opportunity to link them but it won’t work for me :frowning:
I was thinking that I may have register it or something first?
Thanks again, Ruth