Folksy Ltd

Hi. Is anyone experiencing problems loading Folksy?


Haven’t been able to log on to the main site for 2 days? Any ideas most welcome. Thank you x

(Pauline Hayward) #2

I had a bit of a problem this morning but it soon rectified itself other than that no problem.

(Stephanie Short) #3

It is very slow loading and also when I click on menu it doesn’t move so I have to go on the home page and start again​:disappointed::disappointed: its been like that for the lst week or so!

(Angela R Connah) #4

Very slow for me too and I keep getting the ‘Broken but beautiful page’. After a few page refreshes it loads but it does seem very fragile today.

(Kim Blythe) #5

It was very slow this morning…

(Oh Button Me) #6

It’s working for me so far but the only problem I have is when I scroll through it misses out some items on the page so there is gaps.

Is anyone else getting this? :confused: