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Shop Critique Please

Hi Everyone

I would very much appreciated if anyone would care to critique my shop? Are there areas that need working on e.g photos, descriptions, the items I sell and how I sell them. Your critique would really be appreciated.

Sales are trickling through, but perhaps supplies don’t do as well on Folksy, or my shop is just not very good.

Many Thanks
Natasha x

Hi Natasha,
I just had a peek at your shop. The banner is good, it’s colourful and made me want to look at what you are selling.
The descriptions are superb, told me everything I needed to know, size, amount, materials etc etc. The photos are clear and not cluttered.
Be proud of it, its a good shop and layout in my opinion!

Try Twitter, if you type in craft there’s a lot of pages from craft organisations that come up, some do showcases on a Weds night and also a Sunday night, for example handmade nation and U.K. Handmade.
if you link a tweet of yours to them then very often they will re-post it! They have lots of followers so think how many people will see your work.
Worth a try x

Thank you for your kind words, really appreciate the time you have taken to look at my shop. I will definitely look into Twitter, thanks for the tips you have given me.

My pleasure.
Also, if you post a link to a shop item, it doesn’t automatically put the photo in so click the little camera icon underneath and add it there.
Hope that made sense!
Happy Sunday

Your shop looks very appealing - items are well presented and photographed. Descriptions are well written with all the info I could want. Sorry not much help there maybe it is to do with supplies not doing as well. Do you have google analytics set up? That could give you a clue as to whether the traffic is coming to your shop via social media, internal searches or google searches so you can work on increasing that.

Thanks Sasha. Yes, I do have analytics set up for Folksy. I think supplies do not sell as well here as other online marketplaces. I have tried everything, selling by the metre, rolls of ribbon, not sure what else I can do. I love Folksy, from a selling point and the people, but at the end of the day I just feel deflated. There are only a few ribbon sellers on Folksy, so I thought I would do well, now I know why there are only a few of us!

Don’t know if to keep plodding on, or close up shop!

Is there anything else you could add to your shop maybe? Little tags, beads or little craft packs etc? More of a one stop shop for crafts? I used to make cards and scrapbooks and I always went to the shops that sold a good mix as the p and p worked out quite a bit buying from different places.

Thanks @LittleTrinketGirl that did cross my mind about selling other craft bits, I was just a bit worried that selling other crafts wouldn’t go with the name ‘The Ribbon Quarter’ customers may get a little confused?

Yes I see your point :pensive: Worth a try though? What about offcuts/roll ends in mixed bags? Or selections of ribbons and buttons with little extras in colour themed packs?

Thank you for your suggestions and support, very much appreciated. This is why I like Folksy so much, everyone is so friendly and supportive.

Yes, I have sold ribbon bundles with buttons before, but it did take me months to sell them. I am making up some ribbon bundles at the moment, but sales are so slow on Folksy at the moment I just feel deflated. Hopefully sales will start to pick up at some point.