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How can I get my shop noticed

(Diane Mothergoose) #1

How can I get my shop noticed. I have not had a sale since June.

(Sarah Thexton) #2

Hi Diane - love your shop, your work is gorgeous, so clever!

I’m still relatively new (well, ish, I’ve been around for a few years but had a big break and only came back a couple of months or so ago) - so I’d probably be telling you to do things you already know about, but…

The consensus of opinion basically seems to be:

  • Keep adding new stock regularly, updating your shop, making sure you have a good few things at various price bands available. Your work is gorgeous, and well worth the prices you’re charging, but maybe offering smaller items at a more ‘impulse buy’ bracket might work? So offer both impulse and investment pieces maybe?
  • Take part in the forum here regularly
  • Join the Folksy seller forums on Facebook (there are two I’ve found: the Folksy Shop Group seems to be the biggest and is great for chat and posting new listings - the other one I don’t know about: asked to join but not approved for some reason!)
  • Use all the social media you can bear and keep up with: FB, Twitter, Insta, Pinterest
  • Mention and link back to your Folksy shop as much as possible (bit harder for me this one as I also have a website which is the main place I link to)
  • Run discount offers here on Folksy
  • Good photography and using all your tags on listings, and keep in mind how a customer would be searching (or browsing in general) and how they might find you - basically put yourself in the head of your potential customer
  • Make sure you use plenty of text in your descriptions - aim to use all the available word count - and perhaps ‘talk up’ how much work and care goes into your pieces. People like a story, and your work is awesome: let them know how clever you are! Also maybe increase the ‘inspiration’ bit on your listings: be a bit more poetic to lure people in, and a bit less factual. If your listings have been on for a while it might be worth redoing the descriptions and freshening them up - might help with search engines as they like new content?
  • Make sure you use plenty of relevant keywords and long-tail phrases in descriptions for Mr Google
  • Offer your items in the Folksy gift guide requests here on the forums
  • Utilise the About Me section of your shop so that customers can get to know who you are, etc

I’m sure there’s probably lots of other things, but that’s basically off the top of my head!

Hope that helps x

(Diane Mothergoose) #3

Thankyou Sarah for your advise. x

(Joy Salt) #4

Your shop is lovely. Can’t explain why you’ve not sold anything in the last few months but I’m sure if you can get your shop out there in the public eye a bit better you will sell wonderfully well.
I agree that it is always a good idea to have some cheaper things on offer so people can have a ‘taster’ before investing in one of your more expensive but gorgeous full sized pieces. Not sure what you could make to use your skills on a small scale but it would also be easier to keep adding new stock which I find essential.

I would suggest you are a prime candidate for some British Crafters promotionn (@dottiedesigns ?). Have a look on their Facebook page and join in the daily post which is free but I’m pretty sure that your work would do beautifully under Dottie’s promotion. (She isn’t paying me to say this !! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

PS Just spotted your lovely bags which you sell at fairs.

Why not offer some on here too.

(Susan Bonnar) #5

Thank you @JOYSofGLASS :slight_smile:

Very happy to help if I can Diane - our FB page is here - pop over tomorrow & see what we do. Our About Us bit on FB explains how we work!

Have popped one of your gorgeous quilts on in the morning, hope it brings you some visitors!

Dottie :slight_smile:

(Joy Salt) #6

@dottiedesigns Don’t know if it was your British Crafters share of my glass earlier this week but suspect it was as I’ve gone from no sales for a week to 4 orders today :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Christmas is coming and all that (2 of the orders I know are for Christmas presents)

(Roz) #7

Oh wow - I love your work, makes me want another baby so I can get a gorgeous cot quilt … maybe not! Grandkids are a few years away yet - I hope. Agree with all that has been said above - your work is fab and I wish you the best.

(Martine Brumwell) #8

I’ve just favourited a few of your quilts- they are beautiful. You just need to some of the things stated above to get yourself noticed. If I had a baby, I would buy one - your work is lovely! x

(Diane Mothergoose) #9

Thankyou so much.:slight_smile:

(Susan Bonnar) #10

You are very welcome!

(Susan Bonnar) #11

Forgot to say I popped your baby quilt on FB, tweeted it and popped it on Instagram & the nice people at @Folksyadmin have added it to their favourites too!

(Susan Bonnar) #12

Here is the link to it on FB :slight_smile:

(Susan Bonnar) #13

Just popped it on Instagram too! :slight_smile:

(JDParchmentCraftEmporium) #14

I would like to get my shop noticed on Folksy so I can get some sales. Any advice?

(Joy Salt) #15

These forums are full of advice about how to get your shop noticed and your work selling. I don’t know if you have been reading any of it but I suggest you need to do so.
You need proper titles for your cards " White Rose" / “Horse and carriage” are not terms I would be searching for when looking for a card.

You need more information about your cards in the description. A two liner without punctuation does not read well to a prospective customer who has only that to go off when deciding whether or not to buy from you.
Size would be useful, in fact an essential.

Your tags need to be improved. Lots of SEO info in the forum or look for examples on other people’s cards. Bouquet is spelt like that by the way not buoquet.

Also really not a good idea to tell everyone how beautiful everything is. That is for the customer to decide from your photos and your descriptions.

You also need a proper “Buying from me” section. Just saying that parchment is a good hobby is not very informative.

I see you have added a Facebook link but it doesn’t work. I find that very off-putting.

I’m not trying to be hard here but i do think the first thing you need to do is get your shop and your listings in order.

I remembered that I’d seen you asking for advice a few days ago and you have thanked everyone for their suggestions but I can’t see that you have actually taken any action on any of it.

Only you can make your shop an attractive place which people want to visit. We can offer advice and we all do it willingly but it is up to you to actually do the work.


(JDParchmentCraftEmporium) #16

Thanks Joy, I will have a serious look at everything I have done xx

(Diane Mothergoose) #17

Thankyou so much.

(Witty Dawn) #18

I just noticed you have spelt 'samurai ’ incorrectly , this is the right spelling. you need to use every tag as well. So for example in that one I would add , birthday card, Japanese, Martial arts, Shogun , Mans birthday card ( I know a little sexist there !) , gifts for men, Ronin ,Japanese warrior, Martial Arts fan You have 15 tags and you can use short phrases as I have suggested not just one word tags, The title need extending too eg . " Japanese Samarai Warrior, perfect card for a Martial Arts fan. I have just looked at this one example but the same needs to be applied to all your cards . Eg “Kitten” becomes " Pretty Kitty Cat A sweet Kitten card for the Animal lover ’ This title help your card be found by anyone searchinf with terms like cat/kitten/kitty/animal card - and all of those terms need to be in your tags too. I hope those examples help ?

(Witty Dawn) #19

Lovely quilts ! as Joy says make sure you use ALL your tags - you have 15 so for this one you could add - Geisha ( you could even tag with 芸者 - Geisha ! ) , Asiatic art , Asian Art, Musician , Oriental décor , Oriental style . I often tag my shop name too. For some of your quilts you could add tag relating to the colours eg ‘yellow quilt’ , ‘red quilt’ as people often search on colour. Also ’ gift for grandma’ , ’ new baby’ as people often search with an individual in mind . Another thing to think about is being visible to Folksy for inclusion in gift guides so have a look at the existing gift guides to get an idea of what they are looking for . Eg they might do a zoo theme so add that tag to your giraffe and elephant quilts. I hope that helps.

(JDParchmentCraftEmporium) #20

Hi, I have changed those two cards, thank you very much, I will have to get my thinking cap on lol xx