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How do I get seen on Folksy

Hi, I’ve restocked my shop with some items as I’d tried once before and only sold 2 things, I thought I’d give folksy another try.
How do I get found on Folksy, I’m a Etsy seller and used to daily sales there, but my items are not even being viewed here.
Is it my titles?
Any help offered will be gratefully received.

Or do I need more items?

How do you promote your shop and get people to visit you online?

There are a number of links that may be useful:

I always look to Folky’s blog for tips and advice when I get a bit stuck!

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Just had a look at your shop. You have some really pretty things in there.
I noticed you missed using the tags on some of your items. Tags definitely help with getting views.
Have you made sure that you have links to Folksy as well as your other shops in your social media? So people looking for your work aren’t always sent elsewhere?
I haven’t got a lot of items in my shop as I’m a slow worker :grinning: but I know that shops get noticed more when they have lots of items, so the more you list the better.

Thanks, I’ll check my tags, I thought I’d done them all but I’ll re-check.
I don’t actually use social media other than pinterest which I have crazes on. I’ll pin some and see if that helps.

I have read several of the articles, thanks I’ll have a look at some more.