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How can I link my FB page so people can find my Folksy shop?

(Nykie) #1


I’m a bit stuck - I have a Facebook page (as yet unpublished) and I’d like people to be able to find my Folksy shop from that page. I’ve searched the forum and found various bits of advice, including using Woobox.

I’ve looked in the App Store and can’t find that. Do I need to be on a laptop rather than an iPad to do stuff like this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(sejleather) #2

You could just add this link to your FB page when its ready …

(Roz) #3

Facebook pages now have a “shop now” button, next to the “like” button that allows you to add a link to your folksy shop.

(Nykie) #4

Thanks. I’ll investigate next time I turn the laptop on.