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Folksy on Facebook?

(Karen McPherson) #1


Was wondering if anyone knows how to get my folsky shop on my facebook page. It would make my life a wee bit easier lol.


Karen xx

(Silverspiral) #2

No idea Karen but would be interested too :slight_smile:

(Karen McPherson) #3

Think i might have it but its so complicated :frowning:

(Roz) #4

Folksy used to have a facebook tab but for some reason it disappeared. I have tried using a third party app that is meant to point to your shop but I don’t think it really works very well. I now just put a link to the item in my folksy shop in the item description on facebook. I also have a very basic free shop on my facebook page.

(Karen McPherson) #5

I used woobox but it takes forever to go to my shop. Unless I’m not doing it right lol

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

The facebook icon is still working on folksy but you have to use the one next to the item you want to put onto face. Not the facebook link that appears at the top of the page of a nearly listed item.

(Debbie Lawrence) #7

By keeping the information on my “about” page on Facebook to an absolute minimum , the 3rd line under my thumbnail photo contains the data I put in the website space under ‘contact info’. It then hyperlinks straight to my Folksy page.

I have seen other peoples pages who have the photos box, likes box and then a folksy or etsy box. I would love to do that but it is beyond me.

(Jill Fairbairn) #8

Hello, I was asking about this the other week and I had a reply saying that when all the facebook pegs are changed into the new format, the buttons won’t be visible so I decided not to bother…I can’t remember who replied, sorry. Not sure if there is a section on the help bit on Facebook, might be worth a look x

(Stephanie Guy) #9

I use the folksy widget from the folksy dashboard, but as Jill says, the new layout on fb won’t support it anymore so it’s not worth bothering with. It’s probably best just to link each pic to the item using the item url.

(Pauline Hayward) #10

I use the woobox app too, but I don’t think makes any difference to my sales.


(Liz Dyson) #11

I tried a few different third party things to get my shop on FB, like Moonfruit, but none of them were any good and far too complicated, so now I just put a picture of everything in my shop into different albums in my photos section and add the folksy link. It does work as I’ve had orders from FB people this way.


(Pauline Hayward) #12

Could not also put your Folksy shop link in the title of the album, that way people could click on that straight away and look at everything else you have in your shop.


(Jill Fairbairn) #13

If only technology was easy ! Ha ha I wish! jX

(Liz Dyson) #14

Yes, Pauline, I made photo albums to match the shop collections on folksy and gave each album the collection link and then each picture the individual link. It seems to work until something better comes along.


(Stephanie Short) #15

Gosh Liz you’re leaving me behind!! You’re way up there with your tech and FB !

(Stephanie Guy) #16

Great idea Liz

(Liz Dyson) #17

You’ll get there, Steph, but it takes a lot of time - I still haven’t loaded all 73 lucite beads yet.


(Nora Hessayon) #18

I have easy social app on my fb page for Etsy but it won’t let you do one for Folksy. I would love to have a link directly through. I put a link under my photos in my albums so people can click through but I don’t know if anybody notices. It would be handy to have a direct link on the page. I didn’t know that apps like that would go with the new formats. I hate facebook as soon as I get used to something they change it. Oh well it is free promotion so I shouldn’t grumble.

(Susan Mochrie) #19

Just added my Folksy shop with “woobox” to my page…

(Liz Dyson) #20

Oh, that’s interesting , Susan. I’m off to take a peek.