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Linking Folksy shop to Facebook

(Yvette ) #1

Is there a app to link Folksy to my FB page? I had a Etsy shop but just shut that one down as i want to sell from my shop here.

Is there a shop app
(Karen McPherson) #2

I use woobox on mine. Have a look

Karen xx

(Jo Sara) #3

Hi, if you look on your Dashboard you’ll see Widgets, you can use that code with any static HTML app on Facebook to add a selection from your shop that will link back here.

Not sure what will happen to it on the new look Facebook business page. I still haven’t been converted so my Folksy tab is still there.


(Yvette ) #4

Thank you to both of you, i thought the Widget only worked for blogs. I have so much to learn lol :smile:
I will have a go with both and see if i can set one of them up.

(Jo Sara) #5

I should have said, Woobox is one of the static HTML apps, so you could use that on Facebook to put the widget code in.

(Christine Shephard) #6

I now have my new look FB page and my shop tabs are still there and still working ok, which is great :smile:

(Ms Cup Cake) #7

That’s useful to know, Ciesse - thanks!

(Yvette ) #8

Your page looks good Ciesse, i will have to sort my page out over the weekend.

(Christine Shephard) #9

Thank you Yvette…and thank you for the ‘like’. Only 2 more needed to reach my next milestone…woopee!

(Helen McCartney Designs) #10

I’ve just added the woobox app to my facebook page and my Folksy shop looks really bad when i click on it.

Has anyone got any ideas of what I can do? Could someone pop over and have a look for me? I can’t find how to to get rid of it as my page has changed to the new layout…gah. Why is facebook so frustrating?

(Helen McCartney Designs) #11

Please ignore my post above, have just managed to get rid of it : )

(Roz) #12

Ive never had much success trying to link folksy to a Facebook app. Ive tried several but they are either really slow or the shop layout is dreadful. Have given up now and just paste a link to my folksy items in the comments for each photo on Facebook.

(Helen Dale) #13

Firstly - i should warn you i’m technologically incompetent - so if someone was able to help with my query using simple words of one syllable or less, then that would be greatly appreciated!
I’ve managed to use the static HTML thingamabob to link to my Folksy shop on my facebook page. But i have this huge image of a grey star, which i’m really not that keen on. Can anyone talk me through how i change it to something more exciting!
thanks, Helen