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How can I tell when my cat will have her kittens?

(Donna) #1

My beautiful kitty Maiya is very pregnant at the moment and I’m trying to find any information about how I’ll be able to tell when she’s in labour. Google has been quite unhelpful and I tried Yahoo answers and just got a lot of abuse for letting her get pregnant and go outside. The kittens were planned, they all have homes when they’re weaned and we’re having her spayed once she’s recovered.

(Margaret Jackson) #2

I think you’ll be able to tell from her behaviour, she’ll start to prepare wherever she’ll have her kittens. Presumably you know when she got pregnant and how long gestation takes, so you should have a good idea of when to expect it. Just keep a close watch on her and you’ll see when she start to have contractions. Good luck, I hope it’s all straightforward for her (and you!)

(Donna) #3

Thank you, She got pregnant around 8 weeks ago so it should be soon. I have read that she may loose the hair on her stomach just before our kits are born, she is now totally bald around her nipples now so I was hoping it might be soon. To be honest I’m just so exited I can’t wait for them to come. :smile:

(Suzanne Francis) #4

we had a stray cat years ago whom we took in but found out she was pregnant, poor thing she was so thin, but they all survived, and she got plumper and healthier, so it all turned out fine. It was quite a long time ago, but I seem to remember she made a bee line for my mums wardrobe, and kept going back and forth, so we had a hunch as she was restless and behaving differently, we made it all comfortable for her , she went ahead and gave birth to 4 kitties, it took quite a while, we thought the last one might not make it, but it came out fine. It was a lovely thing to happen, and they were so adorable, she took care of the whole process. How many is she having? :cat:

(Donna) #5

How lovely, I’m glad they all survived :slight_smile: It’s all very exciting :smile:
We think there’s 5 kits. She is a black cat and the father is a very handsome ginger, so my children think they’ll come out looking like tigers lol. We’ll be keeping a male as we lost our Pan last year. Although I feel it may be hard to give them all up once they’re here. She’s been hiding in a suitcase under our spare bed recently so maybe they’ll be here sooner rather than later :smile:

(Nifty) #6

if she’s adopting the suitcase as her nest, I’d pad it out with old towels or something (though I expect you’ve already thought of that)

(Donna) #7

She’s taken her crocheted blanket under there with her so I’ve popped a few towels in the suitcase too. She looks very comfy :smile:

(Suzanne Francis) #8

yes it’s so exciting , I’d love to be able to experience that again, me and my partner have a very handsome ginger male cat :wink: . Back when I was living with folks,we actually kept 2 of the kittens as we couldn’t bare to part with them, the mum was a grey tabby Persian (can’t imagine someone giving her up, maybe she got lost, she was gorgeous) the dad must have been a tabby, 3 were classic short haired tabbies, and the last one came out like a fluff ball tabby , so cute :smiley: your going to really enjoy all the antics they get up too when they start running around :paw_prints:

(Donna) #9

She is still hiding under the bed, no sign of the kittens yet! I don’t think it will me much longer though.
I saw the picture of your Lennie on the pet pics thread, he is a handsome devil :wink:

(Suzanne Francis) #10

Unless I’ve missed it in another thread (just got back to the real world, been on hols!!) did she have her kitties and are they well? :smile_cat:

(Margaret Jackson) #11

I was wondering this too, we need to know the outcome!lol @ShropshireNaturalProducts please tell us what happened.

Hopefully with some pics of the kittens too.

(Little Ramstudio) #12

Did someone mention kittens :smile:

(Donna) #13

They arrived yesterday!! :slight_smile: 5 healthy little kittens and mum is doing well.
they’re so cute! I’ll upload a photo first thing in the morning.

(Margaret Jackson) #14

Great news, look forward to seeing the pic! :slight_smile:

(Donna) #15

Sorry it took so long to get these up, it’s difficult to get on my laptop at the weekends.
Maiya had her kits between 2 and 4pm on saturday, she left her nest and had them under the dining table so I had to do some quick work with a cardboard box and a load of towels lol

(Margaret Jackson) #16

So cute! Maiya is gorgeous, have fun watching the kits grow up! :smile:

(Donna) #17

Thank you, they are such a cute little family I just have to keep stopping to watch them lol I’ll never get anything done at this rate :smiley:

(Suzanne Francis) #18

awwwww so cute, they all took after mum then,no ginger in there!! glad they are all well, now you can look forward to the micheive they will get up to in a few weeks time :grin:

(Donna) #19

They do, I was surprised that they were all black, you can see a few ghost stripes but they do all look like mum. One of them has got a little white patch on it’s chest, it looks like he/she is wearing a little suite :smile: I’ll keep posting pics as they grow, and start causing trouble lol It’s a good job we live right out in the country with lots of space for them to run around :smiley:

(Donna) #20

Good afternoon All,
I need some advice from the more experienced cat owners out there.
When the kittens were born I put a litter box out for Maiya, but she doesn’t want to know and prefers to pop outside. Which is fair enough. I’m wondering will she teach the kittens to go outside or will I have to teach them to use the box?