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How did it go for you?

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

As the last few minutes of Xmas order posting opportunities tick to a stop(currently 24 mins until the post office shuts), I look back and think about the things that sold and didnt sell.
My glass Xmas decorations didnt sell as well as I hoped, but my gift boxes did quite nicely.

What surprises and dissapointments did you have this December, please add pics.

(Donna) #2

I have to admit I thought I’d sell more of these
and was pleasantly surprised how many of these I sold
Donna x

(Rachel) #3

I desperately wanted to get rid of these, as I have thousands.

but I was thrilled to meet my personal target for selling. I was surprised how many doorstops I sold too.

(Sasha Garrett) #4

Its gone really well for me, last year I sold nothing via folksy in the run up to christmas but this year I’ve sold 5 items (vs 70+ items at fairs and commissions which is up on last year as well). My blown glass earrings always sell well and come in a selection of colours

I thought I might have sold some of my clouds via Folksy as they are my most favourited item

but I did sell several of them at the various markets I was at so no complaints really.
Hopefully next year will go well for us all.

(Sarah Lambert) #5

Financially I’m £2 down on last year on here so not much in it really :grinning: Elsewhere I’m up on last year.

Sold a quite a few necklaces.

(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #6

Lets just say if I had to rely on my Folksy and E**y shops to put food on the table, I’d have absolutely no problem in losing the excess weight I need to get rid of :slight_smile: No sales at all in December, although I had a few in November. Last year I was doing craft fairs rather than online selling so I can’t really compare the figures. It will be interesting to see how things go in 2015 but hopefully overall sales will pick up for everyone :slight_smile:

(Roz) #7

Better than expected - only started promoting my shop in May so can’t really compare with last year but I met my end of year target (just!) so can’t complain. Heres to bigger and better for all in 2015 :smile:

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #8

I did well at craft fairs, but online sales where slow. I didn’t have lots in my Folksy shop but usually I will sell Christmas cards here, but not this year. I didnt sell many in fairs either this year. However, perhaps cards haven’t been so popular here, the lady whos shop I have stock in said that she has been struggling to sell Christmas cards in general this year. My friend who makes cakes didn’t get as many Christmas cake orders this year either. Odd.

(Claire Davis) #9

I’ve had my best year ever on Folksy, and was pleased that my sterling silver range has out sold my ‘costume’ jewellery. This is the first year I’ve been making the sterling silver items since doing a silversmithing course so I’m glad it’s gone so well!
I sold lots of these earrings, both on here, the other side and at fairs

I was really hoping this would sell as it’s had lots of views and favourites, and nice comments at fairs but nobody seemed to want it! I’ve had it sitting in my stock box for over a year now so if it doesn’t sell nex year I might just keep it!

(Silvapagan) #10

I don’t have anything specifically Christmassy in my shop, and have only had one sale through Folksy all year, but overall I am £20 up for 2014 so things are not all bad. I’ve got about a week off now and I will be using that time to work on a couple of projects that will be repeat sellers rather than one-offs.

(Sarah Eves) #11

I posted one last order this morning, and across both sites it’s definitely been busier this year than last!
Looking forward to trying out new designs in the New Year,

To everyone on Folksy, Merry Christmas!

Sarah x

(Ocean Arts North Devon) #12

Quite new to this site only been on here a couple of months - very disappointed only one sale so far:( and very few views, just listed this item today my farmers market box, and hope 2015 will be a little better as it couldn’t be worse!