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6 views! Wow!

(Amberlilly) #1

Well I never, I wonder where they came from, quite excited and beside myself…,.not!!!
Well, if things don’t improve I won’t be renewing my plus account!!
I get more on my website with no promoting! May as well put all my sub’s there!

(Dawn Sneesby) #2

It does seem very quiet at the moment on here, let’s hope things pick up soon for Christmas.


And I thought last year was quiet! I’ve just been comparing my views this year to the last couple of years and my viewings are way down. Not sure why but I certainly need to rethink things :confused:

(Emily Clayton) #4

Same here, open up Folksy every morning with the hope that there is more than 1 view let alone a purchase! Hope things pick up for all of you x

(Elaine) #5

I did laugh @Amberlilly because usually my viewings are way lower than 6 but today I see I had 8 viewings so I was beginning to think things were picking up and had a big smile on my face.


(Qteacup) #6

Yes I’m finding it much quieter. I wonder if the nice weather is delaying customer’s thoughts of Christmas, or is there another reason?

(Roz) #7

I think people are definitely holding off for Christmas more and more these days. I have just returned from a craft fair that is held on the same weekend every year. Two years ago it had a real festive feel and I sold loads of Christmas decorations, last year I sold a few but this year people barely looked at the Christmas stuff.

(Sarah Lambert) #8

I find my views are very variable but oddly don’t seem that different from when I had a plus account and was re-listing each day.

I added up my sales to beginning of October last year and October this year and I’m about 8% down on last year £ takings wise.
I don’t know if this is because things are quieter or because I haven’t listed so much or what it is :blush:

(Oh Button Me) #9

My views are up at the moment but I put this down to the daily listing thread. But before I started the thread the times I did have sales I only had 1 or 2 views.

(Amberlilly) #10

It’s just dire here. I.G. is my saving grace! But where I can I don’t send them here, after all I do all the promoting, I send them to my own site.

(Fionajohn) #11

This will be my first Christmas on Folksy, I was hoping it would be good, but most days I have 0 views. I’ve recently opened an Instagram account and started listing on craftjuice, I’m also on Facebook and Pinterest, I seem to spend more time promoting than I do making.

(Jennifer Combes) #12

I have only about average 10 views a day here - odd day when it will be a bit higher. Interestingly from craft hour alone in the 40mins I was involved I got 85 views…that was to my etsy shop though (only because the web link is smaller and characters count in twitter!)

I’d be interested to know how many the featured sellers are getting and last years top selling (or is that the same thing?)

(Jo Sara) #13

It would be very difficult to compare views with shops other than those that are selling exactly the same as you. And even then you’d need to know where they were marketing to get their views, and what tags they’re using, what keywords etc. The more useful info would be how many views are turning into sales. A jewellery shop could be getting 100 views a day and only one sale out of those because that’s such a saturated market and most of those people are browsing onto other shops, or the shop is marketing in ‘like me and I’ll like you’ places, so the views aren’t from people wanting to buy at all. I could get 5 views a day because my garden mosaic isn’t as in demand as jewellery, but I could be getting a sale a day from that because these are genuine customers who are following my promotion link because they are interested in my item and want to find out more. I wouldn’t worry about how many views, it’s what sort of views :smile:

(Roz) #14

I have never really taken much notice of the number of views my shop receives. The numbers given here on folksy count your own views so unless you keep a personal record of that they are inaccurate - some days if I am listing or editing lots of items my views will be artificially high. I also do quite a bit of promotion on the forums which as JoSara says brings views but not necessarily customers. I’m not even convinced of the accuracy of views on Google analytics as I am convinced many of them (which tend to be from very obscure countries) are generated by robots! At the end of the day its sales that count and if I get one view which results in a sale I am happier that 20 views with no sale.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #15

Veiws go up and down from day to day and week to week and month to month.

A lot of that depends on how often you are promoting and were.

Sometimes my views for a single day are less than 10 but then the next day they’ll be in the 30’s and above.

But as said it’s sales we want more than just views. I’ve had my best sales on days I’ve had the fewest number of views on.

(Camilla) #16

Sorry to hear your shop views are low @Amberlilly. One of the things we’re working on is improving the views and stats for sellers. Currently they only show the number of people who have clicked on your shop or on an item, so they don’t include all the times your products have been viewed either in a search, a gift guide or anyone’s favourites etc.

Knowing this would obviously be more helpful because if a seller’s views on the site are high but the click-through to their items or shop is low, it can highlight that maybe the image isn’t clickable enough, the price isn’t right or the title needs to be clearer. It would also be good to see exactly where those views are coming from. We have someone working on this at the moment and we’re hoping the new stats page will be ready soon although it might not be until early next year.

(Amberlilly) #17

Totally agree @EileensCraftStudio but I very much doubt if I shall be continuing here when my plus account expires. Shame, I like to support British ventures. I just searched for some items on Google, not one came up from Folksy, not 1. If Google can’t find me, then I stand no chance and there is only so much promoting you can do in a day, I have a day job, so I rely on search a lot, and E has a good amount of people searching and browsing, no brainer really.

(Camilla) #18

You can always shorten the URL using a service like Bitly or Hootsuite Jennifer - the more you link to Folksy, the more it will help not just with views but also with your Google ranking. Google likes to see lots of links into a page, so the more you and other people link to your Folksy shop, the higher it will rank on Google for particular searches.

There’s a list of last year’s top sellers on Folksy here

Featured sellers on Folksy aren’t necessarily the top sellers, they are sellers we think have an interesting story to tell, great products, good branding and photography, a strong identity and a consistent product range. You can read more about how they are chosen here

(Camilla) #19

Do you link to your Folksy shop @Amberlilly? If all or most of your links go to your another site, that will affect the ranking for your Folksy shop, as Google likes to see lots of links into a page. You need as many links in as possible to boost your ranking, so not just from you but from bloggers and other people sharing your products and shop on their social media channels etc. It all helps.

(Amberlilly) #20

I am on Instagram and my shop gets lots of links back. Even an item on MISI came up and I don’t even promote it.