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How do i delete a listing?

I’ve decided I would like to delete a listing , however I can’t seem to do it! Help please!

Hi there, if you hover over ‘your shop’ at the top, and click to go on your dashboard. Then click the ‘listings’ section at the left hand side, you should see all of your listings in a list, simply click the box next to the listing you would like to delete, and then click the delete button at the top of your listings :slight_smile: Not too good at explaining stuff, but hope this helps :heart:

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Just bear in mind if you delete it on here any old links on Facebook etc. will just lead to a ‘Page not Found’ message, if it’s a listing you might want to come back to at some point it might be better hidden, then if anyone clicks on a link they’ll get the listing page but it will be marked ‘item unavailable’ they might then go straight to other items in your shop to look for something similar.