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How to delete an item or take it off the shop front?

Can anyone help as i seem to be missing how to take an item off the shop front

You can hide it. Go to dashboard, manage listings, then it should give an option to hide items.

If you go to your dashboard then look down the left hand side you will see ‘listings’ (under items), click on this, scroll through the list of items that this should have produced until you find the one you want to delete or hide. On the left hand side of the box for the item in question you will see a little tick box, once you have ticked it you have the option to either ‘hide from sale’ or ‘delete’ via the buttons at the top of the list (next to the blue ‘relist’ button). If you opt to hide it no one will be able to see/ buy it but you can edit the listing (change pictures etc) and potentially turn it into a listing for a new item which can’t be seen until you hit hit the ‘return to sale’ button (assuming the listing hasn’t expired in the mean time).

Thank you all sorted

Thank you all sorted now :slight_smile: