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How do I mark an item as sold elsewhere?

How do I mark an item as sold elsewhere ? Any advise appreciated .

You can hide or delete an item from your dashboard.

Go to your shop, Go to dashboard, Click on listings. Scroll through your active listings check the tick box next to the listing you want to remove then select delete or hide.

If it was a one off then best to delete it.

In order to delete or zeroise stock you need to find the listing in your active listing list. You can’t do it in edit mode.
I have a lot of listings so this can be a bit of a slow process especially if the listing I want to get at is on the 8th page and I have to scroll through all the pages on my phone to find it when I am at a market and need quickly to remove something from sale.
It’s usually quicker for me to find the listing via a search and just edit it to add SOLD to the front of the title.
When I get home I can then find the listing properly and I set the stock to zero.
That way, if and when I make another similar I can copy the details from that listing to make a new one.

Thank you so much for your help ! Now sorted thanks to you guys!:smile: