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Delete a listing from shop

(Sue) #1

I was just wondering is it possible yet to delete a listing from my shop using a search from within my shop either from my shop front or from my live listings page… rather than having to scroll through pages & pages of live listings.

I have to occasionally delete a few items together at one time and find it very time consuming & frustrating that I have to keep on scrolling through looking for an item.

If this facilty is available to shop owners I may reconsider my decision & re-open and upgrade my shop rather than just adding an occasional listing.

Hope this makes sense

Thank you

(Shirley Woosey) #2

Sue @SunnySue Why do you want to delete listings?

You can Hide from Sale or make them Out of Stock.

If someone clicks on a link to one of your Hidden or Out of Stock items, they will still see the item, but it will say that it is not available. Hopefully they will then click the link to your Shop Front and choose to look at something else.

If you delete an item, any Google Juice built up by that item will be lost for ever and they will not be able to see which shop made it and look at other items of yours.

Sue you should put a link to your shop in your Forum Profile, there is no easy way to have a look at your shop otherwise.

Shirley x

(Sue) #3

Thank you for the reply Shirley

I need to be able to delete an item as it would no longer be for sale for a variety of reasons (and never likely to be remade as all my listings are OOAK) and its also my personal preferance of how I wish to operate my shop & its housekeeping

This is the link to my listings as they stand.

At the moment I have stopped listing my Decoupage cards as I also sell these through a seasonal B&M Craft shop which once a month needs a stock up to replace those that are sold.


(Shirley Woosey) #4

OK Sue I understand that. I just prefer to keep my One of A Kinds available to view, just in case some one views one and I can offer them similar in a different fabric.

On the Manage Listings page in your account, it should have 40 listings on each page.
You can tick the little box next to each one you want to hide or delete and then go to the top of the page and Hide or Delete all the ones you have ticked.
There is no other way to do it that I know of. But you don’t have that many items in your shop at the moment.

You don’t have a Plus Account account Sue @SunnySue so by deleting an item you lose any remaining time left in the 4 months for that listing. Some people edit the item instead, putting in a new title, description and pictures etc. so as not to pay the listing fee again.

Shirley x

(Sue) #5

Hi again Shirley,

Thank you once again for taking the time to check into this for me.

I did have a Plus account last year and at the moment I am still in two minds whether to renew it… I still need to do a lot of research to see if it is a viable option for me

And… don’t worry nothing gets deleted if a listing still has time to run, I am a seasoned online seller very wise to all its ups & downs

Sue x

(Shirley Woosey) #6

Glad to hear it Sue.

I nearly didn’t renew my plus account a couple of weeks ago.
Things are very quiet on here at the moment.
But I decided to go ahead for another year.

Shirley x