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How do I get a listing on the first or second page?

(Claire Mead) #1

How do you get a listing on the first or second page? I relist a couple items a day and have used all my tags, filled out descriptions etc… and still on the further back pages and not at the front. Other sellers have not filled out any tags and have three word titles and are way before me. One seller has about the first 2 pages. Is there something else I should be doing? Do I need to end a listing and then list again from scratch? Just for a test I decided to relist a whole section of my shop to see, I’ve left it a while and had a look and still not any further forward :frowning: Confused

(Roz) #2

Join the club! - although happily I have lots of my scarves appearing on the first page if you do a search for scarf it took me a long time of playing around with title, description, tags etc to get there and I;m still not sure how I achieved it! The one in the number 1 slot confuses me as it has no tags, was listed in Feb ( so not the most recent) and has only 1 like (so not the most loved). However it does mention the word scarf in the title 3 times and in the description 9 times so maybe thats it! It is beyond me but while I remain where I am in the searches I won’t complain! Good luck

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(Sue) #3

Oh my goodness, your both right, surely it should come up with the latest listed? So now we have to write everything out in triplicate? Surely it’s not a good way of helping us search…
Haha, just tried it on one of my pocket mirrors and hey presto, it’s 1st on the list :blush:

(Sonia Adam) #4

I’m not sure that relisted items will automatically appear in the first couple of pages. Isn’t it newly listed items that will feature higher up?

(Sasha Garrett) #5

When I searched for ‘oilcloth make up bag’ most of the first page was your listings (but I got different results when I used ‘oil cloth make up bag’ and ’ oilcloth makeup bag’), if I searched ‘make up bag’ there were several of your listings on the front page but a bit further down.
I think the search algorithm puts weighting on how often the search terms are used and how high up the phrase comes in the description (ie if it is in the first line that ranks higher than if it is in the final paragraph) so it is worth putting the same key words in titles, descriptions and as tags. So whilst I feel a bit like a broken record titling something ‘sterling silver and purple amethyst earrings’ and then having the description go something like 'these sterling silver earrings feature purple amethyst… ’ and then mentioning purple, amethyst, silver, earrings and february birthstone at least once more before they then get repeated again in the tags it does seem to work (400 pairs of silver amethyst earrings and my 6 pairs are on the first page). You use cosmetic bag in your tags but it doesn’t appear in your title or description so maybe if you add it to the title and description it will help bump you up the results eg rewording the title to ‘Oil cloth make up or cosmetic bag with cream and pink spot pattern’ (that doesn’t feel like I’ve worked to hard to get cosmetic bag into the title along with make up) and then have the first line of the description something like ‘this cute zippered bag in wipe clean oil cloth is perfect for storing all your make up or cosmetics in’.
Hope that makes sense and is in some way helpful.

(Julie Maginn) #6

@kernowclaire I’ve been experimenting!! If I do a search for makeup bag your first item is on page 3. If I do a search for make up bag you have 5 on the first page. I noticed in all your tags on the ones I looked at you use make and up as two separate words. I have been playing with my own tags this morning and what I have noticed is the search results are showing by the highest percentage of your tags that match the search exactly. For example if I have a candle with one tag only: candle, it practically comes to the top as I guess that is 100% match. If I have 10 tags and only two actually have the word candle then that comes way lower down, I guess only a 20% match. @SueTrevor I tried your pocket mirror which as you say now comes top, but I also noticed you only have 3 tags and 2 include the word mirror making that a high match. I’ve done a few random searches and it always seems to be the case. People with fewer tags all mentioning the search one come higher!!! So where does that leave us, is it better or worse you use more tags. Grrrr. :confounded:

(Julie Maginn) #7

I’ll tell you what else I noticed and I’d love someone else to try this, I did a search for candle, apart from mine most of the top 9 results come up with, item not found, when you click on the picture. If this is happening to customers I’d probably go elsewhere after repeatedly getting that!!!

(Roz) #8

Yes Julie, I got that looking at scarves

(Sally Eira) #9

it looks like if two items have tags such as ‘easter card’ for example, the item with less tags but include this search term ranks higher if somebody searches ‘easter card’.

i’ve also just noticed if i seach for one of my cards which i tagged ‘get well soon card’ with the same four words in same order, it’s lower than ones at the top that don’t even have this in their tags. so i am a bit confused now.

does order of tags matter ?

(Sasha Garrett) #10

I got that 404 item not found error repeatedly during the week and reported it to folksy but support couldn’t repeat the fault (and I’m still getting it). If someone else reports it to support they might actually look into it rather than thinking it was a glitch at my end.

(Natalie Franca) #11

I get that too Julie, I think it’s from shops that have closed. I have a grey button cowl (only one listing in my shop for it), however, when I search cowl, all the grey button ones that I listed, but deleted fully from my shop still come up in the search results and when they’re clicked on, it says item not found. That’s because I deleted them from my shop! It’s bugging me as it doesn’t look good for my shop.

It’s the same for fingerless gloves, there’s a few shops on there that have closed up and there’s spaces in the search results with the item name and shop name but no photo, when you click on those, again it says item not found.

@dougfolksy Is this something you can look at pretty please? Maybe it needs a bit of a clean up?

Natalie x

(Julie Maginn) #12

Yes that is exactly what I was getting and getting pretty fed up with it and I was just experimenting. If I’d actually been looking to buy I’d have gone elsewhere. My candle sales have dropped a lot in the last year now I’m wondering if it’s because they are lost in a sea of items not found!! @dougfolksy please can you stop listings that have been deleted showing in search results!!!

(Julie Maginn) #13

It wasn’t the 404 error just not found. Have asked Doug to look into it anyway. Seems like it is deleted items showing up.

(Julie Maginn) #14

Ditto, just getting my head round tags now all confused again!!!

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(Sue) #15

Yes, this needs sorting, for the customers sake, clicking on something which then can’t be found, I’ve had that too, I tried getting one of my badges in the 1st place spot, and I can only get it to number 3 no matter what I seem to try!

(Claire Mead) #16

It is very confusing, glad I’m not the only one. With coin purse, for example how is the first page all the same seller? I may try deleting some listings tonight and then list again and see what happens x
I also have an old deleted listing showing up with no photo as well hmmm

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(Claire Mead) #17

Hi Julie, I’ve looked up candle and you have 4 candles on the first page and the poppy one is first. All the others are showing as well now perhaps they have taken a look for us x

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(Julie Maginn) #18

Hi Claire, when I do a search for candle the first page with 60 results has 23 that say couldn’t find what you were looking for when you click on the image!!! And unfortunately most of them are at the top. That has to be so off putting to customers and it must be happening across the whole site that deleted images or closed shops are still being shown!! Getting back to your original question try doing makeup as one word not two, that seems to rank higher.

(Claire Mead) #19

Oh I see what you mean. The photos are still there - that is not good as if you got a couple of those you’d look somewhere else. Lets hope they sort that out. I will try makeup bag, thanks

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(Adriennehughesart) #20

I have just edited my owl screenprint listing and added ‘owl’ and ‘Owls’ to the title and popped it into the description several times and sure enough it is now on the front page.
Irritatingly though this means that the description and headline make me sound like a werewolf as I 'owl all over the shop!