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How do you add the Pinterest symbol to your shop front?

How do you add the pintrest symbol to your shop front ??? I have tried copying and pasting my pintrest address into the appropriate box on the shop appearance…Just get the message (INVALID).

Any help would be appreciated…Thank you

I don’t remember having to add it as it’s already there against every item you list you just click on it and if you’re not logged into your pinterest account if just asked you to log in and you continue pinning.

Check to make sure you haven’t added a space either before or after the address, or maybe type it in rather than copying and pasting. If you still get the invalid message, it might be worth sending a message to support and they will look into it.

Mine looks like this on my Shop Appearance page from the Dashboard.

If I copy / paste that exactly as shown it takes me to my Pinterest.

What are you copy ./ pasting. If you paste it here maybe we can se what’s wrong.

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Hi Joy…thanks for the reply…I have pasted my pintrest address into the appropriate box on the shop appearance set up…However Folksy say it is invalid…however I have just copied and pasted the same address in the folky group and Maxine has opened my pintrest page…really strange…My pintrest account is an old account I have used for years and not just for my folksy page…Do you think I need to open a new pintrest account…?..Is your page…which is lovely…lots and lots of pages…a business account or just a personal pintrest account??? Wish I understood pintrest better.

My Pinterest account is pretty old too. Just a personal account to which I add pictures.
Best thing is raise a ticket with Folksy Support - make sure you give them your Pinterest uRl.
Good luck

Thanks Joy

I have just started to use my folksy shop I made it 2 yrs ago and have no idea what I am doing , so fingers crossed. I am going to try now and add my Pinterest page I am One of Bet’s and have just followed you so wish me luck. I also have a facebook page One of bet’s so hopefully may get that on Folksy one day Ha ha.