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How do you create a listing variation For example an item has three sizes

I have an item that i want to offer in three sizes in one listing. The listing page says you can have up to a 100 variations but doesn’t tell you how to open the variation box and nothing seams clickable.

Any ideas??

its probably obvious

We have been asking for variations for years and they have finally gotten round to looking into it - you have probably stumbled upon how far they have gotten with it but it isn’t finished/ live yet so nothing is clickable. So for now variations aren’t possible (I can’t see anything along those lines when I try to create a listing so you are a head of me there) and (although this might have changed) the price wasn’t going to be variable with in a listing which I’m guessing you would want for your 3 different sizes. (ideal if you offer things in different colours/ scents which is less likely to affect price than size but not good if you have different sizes at different prices)
Sorry not better news.

Thanks Sasha
I think i misunderstood what they meant. its not a drama as i can list in three individual listings rather than one multi size but it just means more time and less efficiency. But we are new and its not like a have a zillion listings yet lol.

Your store looks really interesting