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How do you display cards at a fayre?

(Cariad Crafts) #1

I will be attending a little craft fayre in June and wondered if anyone had good ideas on how to display cards. It would be nice to have them individually shown but not sure how.

Help / advice needed.

Carol xx

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #2

A couple of things I’ve seen, which looked nice:

A basket, with the cards stood one-behind-the-other, portrait configuration. Nice basket, clear price label, cards look pretty!

A slinky spring, stood upright, with the cards gently pushed between the wires and spread into a fan - looked very effective, but would only work with a decent metal slinky (not a plastic one) and cards up to a certain size.

A Toast Rack! The cards were placed in groups, between the loops of pretty metal toast racks. They looked very effective!

You can buy special card-display units online -from you-know-where-bay, and maybe even from Supplies shops on Folksy. Some are cardboard and some are wooden.

Hope that is some help, Carol.
Good luck with your craft fayre!


(Brenda Cumming) #3

Yes, stand them on end in baskets or nice boxes…if you have a board that you can clip to the back of your table you can blutac pics to it…I have even used a dish drying rack to stand cards in when stuck…and I have also had two backing boards with a gap in the middle, then a string across the top between the boards that I pegged cards to, (like washing on a line)

(Cariad Crafts) #4

Thanks for all the suggestions. I will have a practice
Like the idea of a wash type line. Also the slinky
Carol xx

(Ema Hossain) #5

Good ideas.
I’ve found people either like to have a rummage through a selection of cards or they just like to see the card laid out on the table often not both maybe some just can’t be bothered to search, so I try to accommodate both types of buyers by putting some in boxes, racks and some on the table to showcase the cards and maybe encourage then to look for longer.
In the past I have even used a card display box from Lidl which they were going to throw out as the cards come ready to display in these cardboard boxes and they throw them out for recycling so I just asked for a couple, they work well on the table.

Cards also look great hang up on a string like card bunting as @teabreaks mentions held up with little wooden pegs and it shows them all off at the same time, you can just run the string from one side to the other at different heights.

(Grimm Exhibition) #6

I have one of those old wine bottle carriers. You could also try those photo display thingies you can get, wires sprouting out of a base with clips at the tops which you can insert the cards into.

(Diane Burton) #7

I use baskets to display most of my cards but some of them are displayed using plate stands (the kind you get for displaying decorative plates on a mantlepiece) I like the idea of using a toast rack must try that at my next craft fair. I have used the photo display ‘tree’ that is designed to hold lots of pictures but found I had to be careful about getting it evenly balanced otherwise it tipped over, the ones you can buy for just one photo would work well.

(Cariad Crafts) #8


Thanks for all the ideas, I like the peg and line, will try and work that one out, also the toast rack and photo display tree, but but worried that might be top heavy as DeesDesigns mentioned.

I will do some practising this week.

Carol xx

(Stephanie Guy) #9

I use the peg and line to make it look like bunting - but please make sure that the card is in cellophane and you have a sellotape tab on the top to attach the peg to - I have had several cards damaged by the pegs in the past.

I also use a couple of baskets - people like to rummage.

(Roz) #10

Depends on numbers but I did see a stall once that used the split pot yoghurt pots upside down,standing the card in the slot. Need to eat a lot of yoghurt though!

(Cariad Crafts) #11

Like the yoghurt pot idea I eat loads but use the huge tubs!!! think the peg and line idea sounds the best along with baskets and toast rack

Thank you everyone for great ideas

Carol xx