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Carrying your business cards with you

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

I went to a gallery today to try out a display stand, I took my decs with me to see if they worked well and thankfully they did(Il add a pic at the end of the post if i remember).
While i was was there a lovely lady noticed my decs and she said how nice they were, inquired about the price etc.
At that point I realised I should have my business cards with me and the info I have in leaflets I made about when and where il be selling at future craft fairs!!!
Curses Im silly. I managed to let her know of 1 local event but it would have been much easier if I was clever enough to be organised so I could give her a tangible piece of info so she wont forget. Admittedly Im rarely in a situation where Im showing my work unless Im at a fair so the situation was unusual.
But it got me thinking, do you all keep business info/cards with you at all times?

I remembered! My glorious display stand.

(Bizzy Liz) #2

Yes, or at least I try to, but recently I was in a shop, reached for my business cards, and aarghh, at home/or in my other bag! I love your display stand, did you make it or buy it?

(Saraphir Qaa-Rishi) #3

I usually have a stash of cards in a pocket in my diary. It has proven really useful at times as you never know when you might be asked about what you do. I was travelling down South a couple of months ago and decided to wear a pair of earrings I had just designed. I was really in a rush but at the till in M&S the woman at the checkout asked me about my earrings - and I was able to give her a card! It happened with other things as well…definitely something I would recommend.

(Christine Shephard) #4

I always keep a few business cards in my purse/credit card wallet in case someone wants one. I usually carry one of my handmade bags, and have occasionally been asked where I got it, so I hand out a card with my website on. I was also chatting once in a shop queue and the lady behind me asked what I did, so i told her I was a textile artist/maker and gave her a card. You never know!

(Roz) #5

Always…I even made the card holder I carry them around in (more available in my shop - plug, plug!)

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

I carry mine in my business card metal case. I gave one to the owner of the shop I buy my yarn from and she commented how much yarn I buy.

The next time I went in she said my webpage (she meant folksy shop) was wonderful and how talented I was. Which was really nice and had me smiling like a silly thing while I did my shopping :blush:

(Jacqueline Ostrowka) #7

Always have them in my day bag, but if i go out in the evening there isn’t room for any, can only just fit my phone in :slight_smile: lovely display BTW :smile:

(Grimm Exhibition) #8

@BizzyLiz I bought the stand. It was displaying other peoples decorations in an art gallery and I just had to ask if they had any for sale as it was exactly what Ive ben looking for for years.Luckily I got a call to say they had one for sale:o)

Thanks for your replies. Usually I have my details in one of my bags, but not the bag I had today, I really need to remember to transfer them to all bags.
ove the idea of making a card holder.

(Minerva) #9

It is good to have them as you never know when there will be an opportunity to hand them out. You might walk down the street and spot a new cafe / shop / gallery that allows you to leave cards or make enquiries etc.

I must admit I’m reluctant to have them with me when I go out and meet friends and loved ones as I try to see that as my time off and not talk about work. But I keep some in my wallet anyway.

(Stephanie Guy) #10

I always carry mine with me. I’m prone to painting in cafes and libraries, and I always leave my card on display while I work - I’m nearly always interrupted and have made a few impromptu sales that way.

(Kim Blythe) #11

Yes, I always carry some business cards with me…you never know when the opportunity might arise to hand one out…

(Su Mwamba) #12

I love my business cards, but I’m terrible at remembering to take any with me when I’m anywhere other than at a craft fair. Definitely something I really need to work on - it’s surprising how often the opportunity to pass one on can crop up whenever you haven’t planned for it… :wink:

(Julie) #13

I always have some cards with me, wherever I am (yes, even on a beach) - I’ve often had orders from people I’ve met on holiday, or just out and about. As others have said, you just never know when the opportunity presents.

Taking Minerva’s point about not talking work during time off, offering a card actually saves you from a conversation if it’s not appropriate at that point. You can just say “look me up and I’ll be happy to have a chat if there’s anything you’d like to know” - or something like that. They go away happy, and (I like to think) with a bit of anticipation. Of course it was it was slightly more tricky in the days before they invented this Internet thing!

Having said all that, I think most of us in this type of business like to have a little chat about it, provided it’s not disrupting whatever else we are doing.


(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #14

This is one of those things I really need to start doing too, I realised this the other week when someone was chatting to me on the bus and I had to offer them a scrappy business card that I had scrawled my mobile number on (I still haven’t memorised it). Luckily I knew who she was so won’t be expecting any funny phone calls :wink:

(Bojanglies) #15

I’ve never got one when I need one, and even when I’m sure I’ve got a stash somewhere they’ve always disappeared.
I swear they sprout legs and wander off…

(Ronald Koorm) #16

I always carry a few. A friend of mine had some also printed in Braille, and had quite a few interested people want them, but they were quite costly to print, and now she has gone back to conventional ones.

I understand that embossed text can be useful for many vision-impaired people, so doesn’t have to be Braille, if the font is clear and of reasonable size.

I have some of my business cards laminated, which I do myself, and have both matt-laminate and gloss laminate.

A little tip, - notices or signs which are to be laminated, should be in matt finish laminate, not gloss. This is because many disabled people and others too, have great difficulty reading the text or images where there are glossy reflections and make them difficult to read.

Not quite so much of a problem with business cards or smaller items, which can be hand-held, as they usually can be positioned easily to reduce or avoid reflections.

Matt laminate sheets are available on the internet.
I have had to advise a lot of nurseries and schools and educational places as well as reception areas of offices, to change their glossy laminate signs and notices over to matt laminate. I used to keep two copies of my CRB certificate as an example to show people, one in gloss and one in matt.
Some people also have audio business cards in mp3 files too !


I definitely recommend to carry some if you like to take pictures of your creations at a public lake like I do. I get loads of enquiries from members of the public strolling about or walking the dog.

(Rosesworkshop) #18

I always have some with me. Just simple ones, with all my online contact details. It makes the difference in whether people treat you as a professional or a hobbyist. And yes, give them to your suppliers too; if they know what you do with their product they can become a better supplier.

(Sarah Eves) #19

I’m learning to always have them on me, and gradually it’s becoming automatic!

They are invaluable at craft fairs as so many people like to browse a stall, but buy online at a later date.
I prefer postcards to business cards at craft fairs.

Sarah x