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New Shop Stock Question

Hello, I opened a Folksy shop today but I think it’s looking a bit sparse.
I was just wondering how many items do most shops open with.

As much as possible- I think that listing as many items as you can would be a good idea. The more listings you have the more likely it is that potential buyers will see your work. Listing and re-listing regularly helps too. I know many sellers have a hundred or more items in their shops, which is great and they seem to get lots of traffic. I only have a few items in my shop as that is as much as I can manage at the mo, but for every new listing I get lots more ‘foot’ traffic through my shop.
Your dogs are very cute, I’m sure you will have lots of people viewing them


Welcome to Folksy,
The advice is always the more listings you have the better your chance at being found in searches however I think that was started by the selling platforms as a way of getting listing fees out of us (cynical moi?). I think that if you are listing in a less crowded area (eg jewellery and cards are majorly over crowded sections, collectable dolls is much less crowded) then you don’t need as many listings overall. However I’m inclined to agree with you that your shop looks a little sparse at the moment but I don’t think you need 100’s of listings to do well (after all the animal dolls section only has 384 listings in it). Regularly adding new items to your shop does help with being seen.
Have a play around with your tags/ titles/ descriptions to see how changes affect your position in the search results - you want to be on the first or second page ideally. When I searched plushie you were at the very bottom on page 2, couldn’t find you at all when I searched for terrier. Ask friends how they would describe your items as that will give you clues as to what phrases to use in the description and tags.
Something else to remember - the folksy robot crops our photos to square when showing them on our shop fronts or in search results so if your photo isn’t already square or doesn’t have sufficient empty space around the item then bits of it will get chopped off. When I look at your shop I can see all of the christmas decorations in the photos but the dolls have had ears and paws chopped off! Lots of info on the blog, grab a cuppa (and the puppy) and have a read
Since I have a pinterest board of doggie items I’ve pinned a couple of yours.
Good luck


Thank you both for taking the time to reply.

All the best with your Folksy shop @MollyMoochins

Karen x

Thank you Karen