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How do you get organised

Hi ladies!! a simple question now i have my tools and supplies i am busy making/creating… i would like to get my shop as stocked up as i can, but my question to you is when or how do you find the time to list your creations…do you have a set time or day??

Your opinions please :smiley:

Nope, just as and when. I tend to take pics in 1 go, then edit them in 1 go. Have a break(for minutes or days) the list them as that takes quite some time. I need to prepare for it, tea and biccies et.


If possible I take photos in the morning when the light is usually better, work from 9-3 when daughter is at school, then edit pics and list in the evening or later when family are tucked up.
I try and list a handful of items at a time to save time, but still seem to end up working all the hours there are.

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I’ve started making myself a daily list of jobs and try to stick to it as much as possible especially at this time of year.

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Thank you ladies for taking the time to respond :smiley: you each have your own routine :wink: i shall make one for myself and hopefully get my shop stocked very soon…

For me too it’s as and when, depending on what I’m creating, I also print, so I fit that into the routine somewhere :grinning: But I have to agree with @DeborahJonesJewellery I take photo’s in the morning for the same reason.

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Thank you everyone…i have also visited your shops and favourited one or two items :smiley: