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Morning! For those of you that work part time on your business how do you keep focused & organised? What jobs do you prioritise? e.g. Checking market trends, analysing stats, social media, actual making products etc. I need a timetable to stick to but find it hard to organise one.



I found it hard when working full time but a lot younger then. When I went part time easier but with a wage the impetus was not quite there. Retiring at 50 got me focused and have found it easier now.

When working I used to plan ahead, get project boxes ready, ordering bits if I needed them. Used to have 10 boxes ready to go with differences of complexity. This worked for me as knew I had everything ready to go.

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At the moment I’m trying to use time for making items for sale. When I get those finished I’ll pre plan social media and marketing then onto the next batch.

I’ll try and post in SM at least once a week.

I have a little white board I use for my works in progress which I find really helpful and satisfying when I mark each one as complete!

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Thanks for the replies. Some pointers I can try there. Thanks C.