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Do you work to a schedule?

Im trying to use my time better. I tend to start off making something then it trails off around lunch, then I get distracted by tv, then I may start working again in the evening, but Im determied to do better.
Do you make yourself a schedule and how do you discipline yourself to keep working?

I don’t generally work to a schedule or timetable, I mainly just do as I feel unless it’s a commission. I do like to get housework etc out of the way first thing in the morning then if I have a commission I work on that straight through.
When I used to do craft fairs I did have a more structured day but I don’t feel the need to now. I found self discipline to be a chore and have never been very good at it but I used to have a To Do list that was split into daily and weekly goals.
I get lazy at times and spend too much time on YouTube. I don’t have the tv on during the day unless I want to watch anything specific. I’m not much help to you am I,? I like variety in my week so no tips from me I’m afraid.

I’m dreadful for getting distracted and procrastination. Last year I started planning my days and found it really helped - the key is to make sure your timetable is completely full - no blank space - even if some of it is put aside for “unexpected jobs”, watch Youtube videos, have cake and coffee. I’m also really bad at making plans and lists in various notebooks/pieces of paper and then losing them so this year I have treated myself to a proper planner so I can keep everything in one place :slight_smile: Will report back if it works but you might have to wait a year!

Thanks for the replies. I have lists galore but they keep getting longer as I have more ideas so I never seem to get through them.
I only go to youtube for tutorials but have to say Ive discovered gifs. I spent at least an hour yesterday trying to find enough gifs so I have a full array of emotions in gif form.

No I don’t work to a schedule. I think it would be counter-productive. If I had to stick to a schedule it would start to feel like a chore and I’d lose all the enjoyment I get from it. Obviously, if I have a commission, I make sure I get that done in the agreed timescale but making for stock happens as and when I feel like it.


I more or less work to a schedule every day. I am still taxi driver for taking my Son to and from College, so I need to work my timetable around that.
I plan commissions in order of priority and finish those before I start my own work In every working week, I find time to make Christmas items for the coming Season, all the way from the January before.
In 2018, I am planning 2 full days of Christmas making per week so that I will have enough stock for a few more ventures.
I try to get all my studio work finished by 5pm and then spend the evenings packaging and promoting.

I hardly every do any manual work past around 9pm (unless things are really hectic) as I need time
to totally unwind or I am too hyped up with ideas to sleep!

I guess having a schedule is a little bit stifling creatively but if I don’t put things in order of priority, I get myself in a muddle and worry that I won’t get things completed on time.

Sometimes, just having time to come up with a new idea feels like a treat and it shouldn’t be like that really!

I’m not sure I’ve got the balance right to be honest but this way I know that I can just about pay the bills!

I work to a schedule and am a Listaholic!

I have 2 “To Do” lists. One is designated as a “Must Do” list and can only have 3 things on that have to be completed that day! Helps me focus! :slight_smile:


I’m lucky in that I can knit in front of the TV and still socialise with hubby/visitors but with the day job, housework and networking I don’t get a lot of time left for making. When I have commissions networking often has to go out of the window