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How do you get through the times when you feel despondent about your work?

Hope you have a lovely holiday - it sounds idyllic to be able to get away to the sun :slight_smile:

I don’t do holidays - have never been able to afford them (had a weekend in Blackpool for a dance competition when I was 21 - that’s about it for holidays for me lol!). But we live in a nice area, and only a short drive to the sea, so it’s not too bad…when it’s not raining incessantly!


Totally! Sending hugs back xxx

Sam x

Sara @DandelionsGallery - sounds like you need a day out! With a bit of detective work I have discovered you are not that far away from me - if you fancy meeting up sometime send me a message :slight_smile:


I think everyone can feel despondent from time to time. It’s hard to not just make (which many of us love to do) but the marketing, interacting, promoting and selling, can be really hard work. So those on trend things are (usually) because somebody has put in a lot of hard graft to get noticed - much more than me. If you run a business you’ve got to put yourself “out there”, even in the face of rejection, and keep doing it, over and over and over again. It is hard. I find it really hard myself, hence my lowish profile and my small amount of sales.

The good thing @DandelionsGallery is that Easter is looming, and you do bunnies, so maybe do a Folksy Easter Pinterest board for Folksy to use as promotion?


Like everyone else has said it is hard to keep bobbing along and especially, as liz @BigBirdLittleBird has said keeping the social media momentum going. I try not to notice too much what trends other artist’s etc are up to but rather keep my eyes on what’s happening around me and life trends for new ideas.

It’s not easy but I have to believe that every time I have a dip I’ll bounce back up, well, anyway let’s hope that’s true:slight_smile:

Good luck, hope that flicker of inspiration pop’s up soon. xx


Hey Sara, just saw your Merbunny on Facebook - that’s lovely :-):grinning:

I know exactly what you mean Sara…I have been here for about 10 years now and never been featured…despite all my work being my own and my own designs…yet in come the mass producers and the newbies and get featured…
I get annoyed at the ones who list copyrighted items and sell loads,…but my conscience is clear .
In fairness I sold 14 items in January…that is amazing for me…
I am lucky that I don’t have to worry about a mortgage but I spent all my life struggling to earn money from my art and crochet…so I have never even been able to afford a holiday abroad…but at least I am content doing what I love…and having lost my husband last year it keeps me busy and gives me something creative to do.